RW80 - Fly Safe, Dogs!

This week, Dan and John talk about:

The show title refers to the idea of letting Ryan Gosling read the flight safety instructions on an airplane and ending with "Fly Safe, Dogs!"

Dan thinks that this episode is a good jumping-off point for new listeners, because they covered a lot of ground.

Things are going super-swell!

Sponsor Mack Weldon

There was feedback from a listener who wanted John to do the sponsor reads, because when Dan does them, they are a jarring and painful interruption to an otherwise great podcast. Dan didn't send John any copy, but John was just winging it and doing very well at it. The first sponsor was Mack Weldon and John explained all about their underwear. He even claimed that the silver underwear in reality contains mithril.

In the past, John would engage his ad-reading voice that is smooth and sexy. Nowadays there are videos on airplanes where the CEO who has no experience in front of a camera or reading a script is giving that stilted speech. Why won't they use actors like Scarlett Johansson? John would be paying so much more attention instead of being condescended to by a CEO and having to endure the vaguely maoist parade of flight attendants and pilots who are forced to stand there and smile. This whole thing is an example of the tone-deafness in our American culture! Why not hire Ryan Gosling? "Fly safe, dogs!"

John did his sponsor read in the contemporary style of the CEO of a podcast, working from a vague memory of listening to somebody else do this ad once.

Sponsor: Squarespace

Dan will normally put in a marker for himself at a natural lull in the conversation when John naturally pauses or leads into shifting topics. After the show is done, he will record the ad spot and put it in where the marker was. The reason for this technique is that he doesn't want to disrupt John when he is in the zone. Dan tries to shield him from this. The second sponsor of the show is Squarespace and John helped even with this sponsor read.

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