RW74 - The Unmanned Hatchet

This week, Dan and John talk about:

The show title referrs to the story how John was hit in the head by a hatchet that fell from a ladder, therefore being unmanned and not in the hands of anybody.

Dan started recording far away from the microphone to avoid being called hot-mic-Dan again.

John was on TV on the Morning Show, doing two segments: one in the studio and one out at the port. He had to postpone the recording of the podcast for 30 minutes in order to do that second unplanned segment. John had a good rapport with the very personable newscaster people so they made lemonade out of the lemons of a not-very-well-thought-out idea.

In Dan's mind, there is always a 20% chance that something will come up that will prevent John from recording the show every week, like being on TV or a King Neptune duty or other important business like Comic-Con last week. John still cannot effectively answer the question what his job really is, but if you call him and offer him some money, you will become part of his job. Basically: John goes where the money is.

John wanted to come to Austin for a long time, but life intervened as it so often does. He is so overdue for a trip to Austin that he technically doesn't need an excuse anymore, but it turns out that he needs at least a little excuse.

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