RW71 - The Seattle Orcas

This week, Dan and John talk about:

  • Things John could never do again and it would be fine (Factoids)
  • Baseball and sports mascots (Sports)
  • Injuries and showing signs of age (Aging)
  • Kids being drama queens (Children)
  • Homesteading and gold mining (Dreams and Fantasies)
  • The Indians of South Dakota (History)

The show title refers to John's proposal for a better name for the Seattle Mariners baseball team.

John finds that podcasting is very important, both to him and to all of us.

The first shows of The Presidents of the USA in Seattle were just extraordinary. It was the time when Grunge was down and everybody in town was a downer and needed a little lift. Those shows were bananas! The audience was pogoing and 900 people jumping up and down would shake the stage.

John watched the first season of the TV-show Deadwood. It was much more about plotting than the idea of deadwood.

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