RW70 - Doctor Darling

This week Dan and John talk about

The show title refers to one of John's dentists from Anchorage who actually goes by the last name "Darling".

All John remembers from Junior High was that he was daydreaming about stopping time, napping and finding all the cookies. He did not dream about seeing boobs. Dan remembers everything, even the exact classroom layout where everybody was sitting.

John says that people should not replace the "s":es in a**hole with stars when they want to censor the word "asshole", but instead the hole is the dirty word and they should write assh**e. Ass is just another word for butt or donkey.

John doesn't like to mix flavors, for example he doesn't want hot dogs or ketchup in his macaroni and cheese, neither does he want raisins or chocolate chips in oatmeal cookies. Dan doesn't want chocolate chips in anything except chocolate chip cookies. Dan would never chose anything chocolate except maybe a brownie. He would never order chocolate desert of any kind, if he had another option. No cherries in an apple pie for Dan! John would rather go without desert than have apple pie at all. If your pie doesn't have a berry in it, then keep it! John finds Dan to be more of a salt-of-the-earth-type person than he is himself. John prefers omelette before a pancake, but thinks that pancake with butter and maple syrup is a perfect food and does not need anything else like chocolate chips.

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