RW67 - Selling Kazoos

This week, Dan and John talk about

  • The passing of Chris Cornell
  • John's plans to become a ski instructor in Telluride and how he ended up in Seattle (Early Days)
  • Wanting to learn the harmonica (Career)
  • How John's dad wanted to gift him guitar lessons (Career)

The show title refers to the recent show by The Long Winters where John was selling kazoos for $5 at the end of the night.

Dan is the Grover of this podcast, because he is opening the show screaming from 4 feet behind his mic in order to avoid being hot-mic-Dan again.

John is a little groggy, because he was up until 4:30am which is pretty late even for an artist. John does have things to do during the day, so it is not like in the old days where he could sleep until 1pm. John woke up a lot of times this morning and now his eyes are kind of pinchy and you would have to throw water at them a few times to get them going. Dan suggests that might be a sign of their exceptionally increased age. When he was in High School he had not a spare second in the morning, but he woke you as late as he possibly could to get to school, cutting a lot of corners. Today that is no longer possible. When John was in High School, his mom got to a point where she actually threw a giant bucket of cold water on him in the morning. That happened more than once until he was terrorized and leap out of bed when he only heard the faucet run. Even today he is still hard to dislodge in the morning, but he is not grouchy like his sister is. He prefers to have some coffee, but doesn't need it.

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