RW65 - Elves in Spaceships

This week Dan and John talk about

The show title refers to the mythic science fiction novel that a listener sent John to open on the show. Dan knew what a mythic novel was and what science fiction was, but guessed that mythic science fiction might be about Elves in spaceships.

Dan opens the show whispering in order to avoid being Hot-Mic-Dan again as last week.

John has recovered from food poisoning, which is usually a short term thing. A Portland burrito at 01:00 in the morning is not recommended (Food and Drink)

Bonus content (Patreons only)

Dan reads an email from a listener who has deleted Roadwork from his podcast feed because the show has taken an unfortunate turn, asking for money on a free medium and making him listen to a very long rambling ad for Blue Apron that was very difficult to skip through. John says he has been experiencing similar attitudes earlier, first when people said that bands should not license their music for commercial purposes, then when people thought that music should be free. He even had people come up to him at his shows and telling him they don't need to buy the $10 CD, because they have the music already. Dan says that in his time as a pizza delivery guy at Domino's pizza he would get a lot better tips from the poorer people and sometimes even no tip at all from the rich ones. Dan suggests that John should start a podcast interviewing musicians, like Marc Maron does with comedian on WTF, but John is afraid that musicians are not good talkers. Hrishikesh Hirway has found a very good way with Song Exploder to get musicians talking and edit it in a way that makes them sound interesting. John would maybe start a podcast where he reads aloud website about The Who.

Tonight John will get on stage with the cast of Bob's Burgers to play guitar on a couple of songs with his friend Eugene.

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