RW64 - Barbarians at the gate

This week Dan and John talk about

The show title refers to being on the cusp of an Idiocracy, because we are about to lose our understanding of the natural world to the masses. It is the very last sentence in the show.

Every time John talks to Dan or his mom on the phone, the first words are very loud. This time he even calls him "Hot-Mic-Dan".

John mentions during a sponsor read that he eats about 1,5 meals a day. The portions of the show's sponsor Blue Apron are aspirational: If he were to eat only one portion it would be plenty satisfying, but often he just keeps going. He should be putting half of it into the refrigerator, but it happens that he just eats the whole thing.

Bonus content (Patreon only)

As Dan tells John that people on Patreon are expecting bonus material, John is spontaneously playing the first verse and the chorus of a new song called "Sleepless" that he is currently composing for a new formation of The Long Winters that he is putting together for playing one show - for now - on May 12th in Seattle at Paul Allen's brand new Upstream music festival.

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