RW63 - Gnomes

This week Dan and John talk about

The show title refers to John changing other people's burned-out light bulbs so that people were really wondering if there might be gnomes, for what it's worth.

At the beginning of the show, John has two alerts:

  1. There is some kind of woodpecker hearing a bug in the wall of Johns house and sometimes lands quite near where John is and does some woodpecker thumping.
  2. John's daughter is on spring break. She is laying in the same room with her bed bunny listening to The Beatles on John's old headphones. When music is playing she usually hums along. John was fascinated that he could give her his old headphones and she could listen to music on the same computer while he is having a Skype call on a different output. He never has to send her to school again!

The podcast is as God made it: natural style. Therefore Dan doesn't need to edit any eventual upcoming disturbances out.

The main topic of the show - whistling and singing in public - was kicked off by Dan asking John in a text before they recorded what John wanted to talk about. This is very unusual because John has the "wherever-the-day-takes-you"-philosophy to podcasting and implied that Dan had a topic in mind which he had after being inspired by a YouTube video of a woman imitating Irish people.

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