RW54 - Sucker Punch

This week, Dan and John talk about

  • The difference between a leftist and a liberal (Leftism)
  • Sucker-punching a Nazi (Leftism)
  • Comparing the current government to the Third Reich (Leftism)
  • There is a cause for optimism (Leftism)
  • The conversation about white privilege (Leftism)
  • Removing slur from our language (Leftism)
  • The cause for unisex bathrooms (Leftism)

The show title refers to a recent event where somebody sucker-punched a Nazi in public.

The previous episode about Liberalism was a heavy episode and Dan and John received a lot of feedback. At first they talked about weird celebs and as is usually the case in the last 10 or 15 minutes, they somehow arrived at a long polemical. John thought it was good and Dan doesn’t think what John said was especially controversial.

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