RW53 - Pendleton

This week, Dan and John talk about

The show title refers to a manufacturer of jackets that John is about to sell.

John started the recording by speaking into the wrong end of the microphone, because he just woke up and needs a cup of coffee. As he bought his Keurig coffee maker, he bought a whole box of those little creamers that are supposed to be shelf-stable and supposed to last past the apocalypse. They became clumpy and John doesn't like that. The coffee-experience has got to be pleasant! John is not one of those black coffee drinking Interstate cops who sit around drinking coffee with no fun in it. Put a little cream in there and it becomes like a milk shake. In the lack of creamer, John filled a Lamictal bottle with cream and put it in the pocket of his vintage wool jacket and can now enjoy his coffee milk shake exactly as he imagined it.

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