RW242 - God Bless, Looter!

This week, Dan and John talk about:

The show title refers to a looter who after the Rodney King riots wanted to sell John a very distinctive guitar that had clearly been a product of the looting that was going on. Good luck standing on stage with this, God bless!

Raw notes
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French restaurants in Seattle (RW242)

John was just on the phone with Jason Finn, talking about some local restaurants that are on the skids. One of Seattle's main affordable French restaurants Café Presse is apparently going out of business. The owner Jim and his partner always had their own way of doing things. They own another restaurant downtown called Le Pichet, and they brought the Croque Monsieur to the city, a little bit of a baked chicken vibe and good wine. Presse was the one where The Stranger newspaper staff all had their lunch, it was just a nice place to get a good coffee, get a little breakfast. Jim has always had some strong opinions about things. It is a very popular restaurant, but everything is COVID now.

The Omicron COVID variant, Long-COVID, change in reporting cases (RW242)

Dan has noticed that there has been a shift from reporting on hospitalizations and deaths to infections. How many people are sick? How many people are reporting sickness? They used to report that vector also, but now that is the only one that Dan is really hearing. Maybe that is what they want to talk about as they are trying to get people to be vaccinated, or maybe people aren't dying anymore and now they are just being infected. The Omicron variant is apparently highly contagious and very mild and 40% of people who get it have no symptoms, whether they are vaccinated or not.

Apparently they are finding out in one of three ways if they have it: Either they are mandated to get tested, or they are exposed to someone, and although they feel fine but because they have been exposed to somebody they get tested, and some people apparently are just testing themselves regularly and finding that they have it, even though they have no symptoms to it, and the places that do the testing are mandated to report it. Dan also read a thing that even people who are vaccinated and have a booster are probably still going to get it. The booster doesn't necessarily keep you from getting it, but if you get it you will have no symptoms or mild symptoms. Another article says the vaccinations and the booster doesn't necessarily protect you from the Long-COVID, but only in 50% of cases.

Dan definitely gets his own vibe on this, especially about the booster: How many boosters are we going to need? Everything they are saying about the Omicron is that it is super mild, especially if you are vaccinated, but you can still get it if you are vaccinated, even if you get the booster, and it doesn't necessarily protect you from Long-COVID. Dan is vaccinated and he is not worried he would go to hospital per se, but he doesn’t want the Long-COVID, it sounds terrible to have cognitive problems for months, years, or forever! The booster is better than nothing, but only because they don't know any better.

Dan is scheduled for his booster for tomorrow because up until last week it was impossible, and you would have to drive a long distance to get it. Then he is reading it doesn't matter anyway. How many times are we going to have to get a booster? Every couple of months? Every six months? A booster for something that may or may not help? Dan never gets the flu shot ever. He used to get it when he was younger and frequently still got the flu and felt horrible for days after the flu shot and decided to not get it anymore.

Dan had the flu and he knows what the flu is. It is horrible, but it is not the end of the world. He is not immune compromised and if he gets the flu it is going to suck for a week, but it is not going to kill him. He is not a fan of taking preventative measure for something he knows how to deal with. If you would just get COVID, you are not going to the hospital, and you are not getting Long-COVID, then Dan wouldn't get anything, he would just be super careful, he would be by himself and if he was around other people he would mask up with a N 95 mask because he understands the people who say it is not just about yourself, but you could infect other people and he would not want to do that. He is just worried about getting Long-COVID.

John had his booster, he just walked up to the pharmacy in the grocery store. there was no line, and they had the booster shot for him and the flu shot, too, one in the left arm, one in the right. This was only two weeks after the boosters even came out.

Yesterday John has been feeling a little bad, he has a scratchy throat, fatigue, his joint ache, so much so that he canceled recording with Ken this week. He goes back and forth to California, he takes probably five COVID tests a week, and John didn’t want to get him sick because they record in the same room together across the table from each other. Ken brought John a home test. John went online and scheduled a COVID test for yesterday at 4:30pm, he was supposed to be there within a 20 minute window, he waited all day for his 4:30pm 20 minutes window, he drove over there, and there was a huge line of people all standing in the rain in front of a trailer out in a parking lot of a Community College.

Up until now John has been going through the drive through, which has been great. They stick a thing in your nose, you are sitting in your car, and then you drive away and two days later they send you the results. Now he was standing in the rain, and there was a cop standing there who explained that it was all screwed up and although they make you make an appointment you can also just walk up, so John didn't have to wait all day and could have just showed up here at 10am when it was sunny. That was not true of Seattle, but he was getting this done in Des Moines, standing out in the rain, and they said that if he had COVID they were going to call him on the phone.

Today John has already received two phone calls from unlisted numbers that he answered, which he wouldn't normally do, but both times it turned out to be something that he was glad he answered, a landscaper and a fence company, but he hasn't yet gotten his results back and Christmas is in two days and he needs to know if he has this COVID or not, but if he does and this is the extent of the symptoms. It is very livable. There were probably 6 hours where he had the familiar feeling of: ”Oh, boy, I am about to get really sick!”, teetering on the edge, but then it never tipped over and it has just been bouncing along at that: ”Oh boy, this could go anywhere!”

John’s friend Fire Department Lieutenant Brian Wallace (see RL436) is the spearhead of the great Fire Department COVID response in Seattle, and he confirmed exactly what Dan was saying: Somehow we pivoted from measuring hospitalizations to measuring infections, and measuring infections is not useful because there could be 700,000 infections, but if nobody is going to the hospital, then what are we talking about? We are just waving our hands in the air. We need to go back to just measuring who needs medical treatment and who is dying, which is the more effective way of talking about what COVID means going into year three. John never thought he would have COVID fatigue!

John being supposed to play at Mike Squires’ birthday party, The Unrelentless (RW242)

John was supposed to do two shows, and they are going to be the first two shows that he did: One of them was supposed to be Mike Squires’ birthday party the week between Christmas and New Year, a huge party at Slim's Last Chance in Seattle where people were flying in from all across the country and they were putting these bands together. John put a band together with Jason Finn and Mike Squires.

Back in the 1990s and the 2000s, anytime a group of them would get together for an event like this where they would learn half a dozen songs or come up with a set, there are lots of guys that can get up with anybody and play lead guitar, but if they put John’s name on the bill, because he is a singer he has to come up with some stuff, and they always called themselves The Unrelentless, which used to include Sean Nelson, Aaron Huffman the bass player of Harvey Danger, a lot of people have been in and out of The Unrelentless.

They put The Unrelentless together this time as well and they were going to do a set and they were learning covers, like Lump by Jason's band The Presidents of the United States of America, and Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger because Mike and John were both in that band, and some other songs by other bands that various of them have played in, and covers of songs from their own bands, it was going to be one of the greatest Unrelentless shows! Two days ago Mike canceled the show because Omicron is freaking it out and he said they were going to do it sometime next year if they can. Posters had been hung up on phone poles, it was selling tickets, this was a show that was happening!

John had another show in January down in Los Angeles at Nabil Ayers’ birthday party, which was also going to be a guitar toss. It was being held in some warehouse in Compton, a whole weird art happening, but it also got canceled. John wasn't even that thrilled about doing these shows because he hasn’t even been to a show in two years, he is very ambivalent about Rock’n’Roll and the whole culture. He doesn’t even remember what it was like. What was he doing all those years? All those leather jackets and people standing around spitting on the floor. As time went on you get older, nobody smokes cigarettes anymore, but all those leather jackets still smell like smoke!

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers sticker envelope smelling like smoke (RW242)

The other day John ordered a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers sticker because he got this new truck and he keeps thinking it needs something, it just looks like a truck owned by anybody. For a while he was looking for vintage license plate surrounds that would say something interesting, but very few of them said anything interesting. He thought about getting a Keep On Trucking one because that would be funny, kind of, but then he realized it needs a Fabulous Furry Freak Brother sticker. He ordered one, it showed up yesterday, and as he opened the envelope it smelled like smoke. Of course the person that is putting Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers stickers in an envelope is smoking while he is doing it. That was so perfect!

Dan doesn’t have any problem with smoking, he doesn’t do it, but he also doesn't care if someone does, but if you get a package that you ordered from a business and it smells like smoke, it is unexpected. Back in the old days of 5by5 Dan was selling T-shirts that he would print himself, and they would get huge batches of hundreds or more of T-shirts, that Dan or a helper would have to fold and put in the envelopes and mail them to people all by hand, he did that a lot.

A lot of the stuff that you are ordering, a T-shirt or some little art print, people are doing it in their house, their garage, their spare bedroom, their living room, but you don't want to think of it like that. You want to think of it like the way that Apple sends you something like it is coming from some pristine clean room where the human contact is nil and there is a robot arm folding it. You don't want to think about the fact that it is some dude sitting there, smoking his Marlboros, folding your shirt, putting it in a bag. That is not how you want to think of stuff arriving.

John is of the school: ”Wash Everything!”, they have talked about that because John has very sensitive skin that hates itself. You have to wash it in your hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Dan getting in trouble with the FAA because his cheap H&M sweater set off the bomb material detector (RW242)

One time Dan got in trouble with the FAA because of a sweater (see RW74). He had gone to WWDC, the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, back when we used to have conferences at Moscone in San Francisco. It is usually in June, which is the beginning of summertime for most of the Northern Hemisphere, but apparently not really for San Francisco. Dan had some shirts and thought he would be fine because it was summer, but it was cold and he needed to go get a sweater, and he went to H&M, a store that has throw-away clothes, cheap stuff, you wear it a few times, and then you donate it because it is already falling apart and it doesn't look like it used to look and it is shrunk and everything else.

Dan bought a nice black sweater and he felt warmer because the sweater was on his body. He didn't have room in the suitcase for it and also it was cold, so he was wearing it to the airport to fly home. He didn't think anything of it other than the fact that he knew that he was wearing what he would call a contaminated sweater because it hadn't been washed, it was off the rack, and then over the shirt that he was wearing, not touching his skin because he is not insane.

Dan went through security at the airport and he didn’t go through the spinning cancer machine, he would just do the pat-down until eventually he got TSA pre-check and they don't care anymore. Now he would probably go through the machine because he doesn’t care anymore about that either, but back then he didn't like it. When they pat you down they rub a little thing on you that looks like a little Post-it note, but it isn't. They feed that into a machine and the machine detects bomb making materials.

They put it in and it said that Dan had been in contact with bomb-making materials, which was really funny because he wasn't. They said that sometimes it is a false positive and they did it again and it came back even stronger positive the second time and they needed to pull him aside and come into this special room with them. This was back in the days. Now Dan follows the John Roderick model of airport protocols, which is you get there so that you literally walk directly from TSA onto the plane, but back then he would get to the airport early.

Dan had a late afternoon flight and the conference was over, everybody had left already, there was nothing to do, and he had decided to just go to the airport and maybe get some work done on the laptop. He had plenty of time, so none of this fazed him, he was so early that this was actually an entertainment, something for him to do. Of course he knew that he hadn't been making any bombs, so he wasn't worried about any of this at all anyway. Obviously it was a mistake! They put him in this room, and they were very serious, there were two people, they called in a special more experienced TSA guy, and he got the gloves on, and he asked if he could go through Dan’s bag.

Dan is a really good packer and on the return he doesn’t just throw stuff in the suitcase, but it was all organized in pouches and containers and stuff. They opened up everything in there, they went through it, they ran back out to a testing machine with stuff, they kept doing stuff, and at this point Dan was just chitchatting with the dudes in there, having fun because this is was much better than sitting in a chair for 3 hours, he was learning about these guys, having conversations, talking about their kids, hanging out. Then they brought in a guy who got a suit and tie on and instead of a little badge it said Jerry on it, he got an actual lanyard with an ID on, it looked very official and he was serious about all this.

He said he needed to interview Dan and he had a long series of questions, and eventually they figured out that it was the sweater. They were swabbing different parts, his socks, his hands, and whatever, and they figured out the sweater was causing this false positive that he had bought two days ago at the H&M down the street. Maybe this sweater came from somewhere that was making bombs adjacent to where they were stitching up the sweater, and it is positive for bomb making material. They told Dan not to do that again next time and also if you are going into a hotel, don't use the shampoo in the hotel because it can also test positive.

Dan started wondering if maybe it is not all H&M sweaters, but if the one that he got, which looked new, had actually been purchased, worn in order to make bomb materials, and then returned and restocked on the shelf. John doesn’t think that many homemade bombs are made in the United States, although he may be wrong. You don't see them show up in the news that often, there are lots of places in the world where homemade bombs are more of a cottage industry.

Dan asked them what it was testing positive for, but they wouldn't tell him. They were surprised by the fact that Dan thought the whole thing was entertaining. He was serious, polite and respectful, but at the same time, it was clear he was in a comedy episode.

Dan visiting New York and staying in a terrible hotel (RW242)

Two weeks ago Dan had to go to New York, that was the first time that he had flown in 3-4 years. John hasn’t been to an airport in two years and he doesn’t want to go to the airport, it is another thing he doesn’t want to do. Dan has been to New York enough times now that when he goes there he will just do the meetings, get to the hotel, and get out of there. The hotel he stayed in was horrible, the second worst hotel in his life, the Aloft hotel in the Financial District (probably Aloft Manhattan Downtown). He always picked his own hotels, in New York everything is super expensive, and this hotel was cheap, it was what he had budgeted for, and how bad could it be?

The rooms are smaller in New York than anywhere else, which is to be expected, but literally 3 sides of the bed were touching the wall. You had a ”desk area” and if you were sitting where your stomach was touching the desk, then the chair wouldn't hit the bed behind you, but to get out, you had to climb. The ”bathroom” was just part of the room, there was a shower stall and the shitter in front of it and the sink, that was the whole room. It did have a window, but it looked out on a water tower, a cylinder with a little thatched roof on top of it and little metal stick legs, like a chubby UFO with a thatched roof on it.

New York is Omicron Central, all the Broadway shows are closing down because everyone is sick. John just likes walking the streets and feeling the vibe, but if everybody is in masks he doesn’t want to do that.

John has never broken up The Long Winters, others breaking up bands and putting them back together (RW242)

John doesn’t know what he wants, but he does not want what he hasn't got (lyrics of I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got by Sinéad O’Connor), and he just wants to focus on what he has got. She is still out there, tearing up pictures of the pope. She was yelling about something. not very long ago, she was against something or for something. She got strong opinions about things.

John realized his opinions about things are not that strong. She retired and then redacted the retirement. John refuses to ever say the band is breaking up or he is not doing that anymore. He has never made a public announcement that he is not doing something anymore because he always feels like that is stupid. Just stop doing it! His friend Eric D. Johnson said he was done doing The Fruit Bats, Dave Bazan said he was done doing Pedro The Lion.

Eric was breaking up the band (see RW65) , put out a press release, even went on a farewell tour ”Last tour of The Fruit Bats”, broke up the band, put out a record under his own name, toured around the country with his Eric Johnson record and of course nobody came because: ”Who?” and after a year or two he put The Fruit Bats back together. Dave Bazan had 2-3 different bands and then put Pedro the Lion back together. Why even do that? If you want to put out a solo record, do it!

The Long Winters never broke up. They haven't played a show in 5 years, but if somebody was going to pay $10.000 to have The Long Winters play at their birthday party John would call up the guys and for a long weekend most of them would take $2000, fly out from wherever they live, put the band back together, take two days to get their set back under their feet, and play the show.

This was the thing about The Beatles: They didn't have to break up. George Harrison could have put out All Things Must Pass. Paul McCartney could have put out Ram, John Lennon could have put out Imagine and then in 1978, when they all feel differently, they could have put out a Beatles record. There was no thing that necessitated that they break up. You just go do your own thing. What is the big deal? How is the band a thing that you have to murder? John feels that way about every band that breaks up, about every group that breaks up about.

Half the businesses that go out of business: Did you go out of business or did you just stop doing what you were doing? Keep the business, keep it alive, all you have to do is pay the fee to keep your business license active, every year send out a Christmas card. The only reason you would break up a band is when Mike Doughty broke up Soul Coughing because he hated those guys and he wanted to end the band as a gesture of: ”Die, die, die!”

Dan wonders what Jason Finn ever did to him. It is easy to hate Jason, he calls late at night, he needs money for gas, but he is also a lovely man and he is handsome. Mike Doughty was on bad drugs and part of being on drugs is that you don't have a clear-eyed sense of what is going on. A band dynamic is so fraught and so much trouble, Doughty was the singer, you get locked into roles in a band, and then you want to expand, you want to do other things.

John being in the band Bugbear who then thought he stole all their guitars (RW242)

John was in a band one time when he still was on drugs. They needed a singer and they met John at a party, they thought he was the perfect singer, John was thin because he was strung out, he was cool-ish and tall and weird, so they formed a band called Bugbear, got in the practice studio, and played all the time. The guitar player was the one who put the band together and was writing the tunes, but after a few months John realized that although he was on drugs he was a better songwriter and guitar player than the guy was, which is a problem because this band was formed around your choogling guitar parts because it was Grunge times and everybody got black Les Paul's, but John does not have those feelings.

John tried to write some songs about coming down the mountain, but he wasn't coming down the mountain, and he wasn't a junkie. Songwriters that have a relationship with heroin where heroin becomes their spouse, their bitch lover, a lover that sucks but also is your greatest love. Fully half of the songs of Elliott Smith are straight-up love songs to heroin, and he is telling you about it. He wants you to know all about his bad relationship and how bad she is to him, but also how much he loves her. There are all the Kurt Cobain ones. There are so many musicians that when you look at the songs they write during their heroin years, it is about heroin.

John did not have that relationship with downers or speedy drugs or anything. He didn't feel like he wanted to tell you about his relationships. What he couldn't figure out was his relationships with other people, and heroin or any drugs did not feel like a substitute for love, so he couldn't with a straight face do any of that dancing with Mr. Brownstone and that kind of music. Eddie Vedder, to his credit, managed to talk about his feelings over the top of those jams, but he was unique or at least unusual in that way. Eddie Vedder's songs are never about Dragons, but they are about his hurt feelings, his dad and his emotions. Aerosmith's fucking songs aren't about their emotions and neither are the Chili Peppers. John challenges you to tell him what Stone Temple Pilot songs are about. They are not even grammatical, let alone what they are about. Songs by Bush? They are just words that fit!

After a while in this band Bugbear John suggested: ”How about if I pick up a guitar? We got them lying around here. What if I plug in a guitar, too, putting some chords in there, getting a little bit of shape to the tunes?”, and they were really not into it because they had it figured out. The guy with the black Les Paul Custom… you used to be able to find those for not that much money so that you could be a Grunge band that had these black Les Paul’s that now are $7000. You could get them for $700 and it was reasonable that you would have that in your band.

One time right after the Rodney King riots some guy tried to sell John a black 1968 Les Paul Custom, all worn, the finish was worn off where the pick had scraped the paint off of it, it was like a one of a kind thing, like: ”Hey man! Want to buy the Golden Ann?” He wanted $600 for it and John looked at it and wondered if it was a product of the looting that happened during the Rodney King riots. It turned out it was, it was a very noticeable Someone's Guitar. There would be no time in your life when you could stand on stage with this guitar and if the person that owned it was standing in the room wouldn't recognize it immediately as their thing. ”Good luck to you! God bless, looter, white junkie dude that took advantage of the racial injustice riots! Nice job! Good on you!”

But it ended up that Bugbear was a bust because John couldn't be in the band under the conditions where the music was being made by these other dudes and he wasn't inspired by it, but he was not welcome to include some cords into the jams. He left the band, saying that he was on drugs, which is a full time job. Just getting to this practice space wasn’t easy and singing about: ”Hey, hey, hey, no, no, no!” wasn’t worth it to get on the bus and ride for 45 minutes over there to Fremont. John just stopped going to practice and he didn't have a phone, so there was a while where they would bump into him on the street and be like: ”Dude, where have you been?” - ”Oh yeah, I got to come to practice. Sorry, guys! This week was really weird!” and he just never went back.

At a certain point, their practice space got broken into and all their guitars got stolen (see RL341). It was a formative event for me because when his daughter was born he got the sense from a lot of people that nobody thought he was going to step up because up until that point he had always just done whatever he wanted and never committed to anything that he didn't truly want to do. There was a governing sneer on the part of a lot of people, even people he considered his friends, where they were like: ”You are going to bail out of this because being a dad isn't easy and you are going to flake!” and he couldn't believe it because what kind of low opinion would you have to have about somebody?

But then he realized that there are all kinds of men who appear to be very mature. They have got all the things, they got the job, the house, the responsibility, they look good, they talk good, but when it comes to fatherhood, suddenly it is a blind spot and it turns out they are completely immature. They can't sacrifice their own pettiness, they are overgrown babies, why should they have to stay up all night, they fall back on gender roles: ”That is not my problem!”, they don't realize you got to support the mom. The mom is the whole game, the mom does all the work, there is nothing you can do about that, but you got to support her and make her life as easy as possible. That is not a sacrifice, that is the basics!

And then there are people like John that appear to be very immature at 40 years old, never really did anything that he didn't want to, up all night, somebody calls and says: ”Come to California!” and he just goes. ”Where are you?” - ”I am in New York!” - ”You didn't even tell me!” - ”Oh…” He seemed very immature, but when it came to being a father, it doesn't even feel like maturity, of course he is going to be there every minute. You can't not! What are you going to do? Not? You are going to flake out? You need a sandwich right now? Give me a break! Get everybody else a sandwich first!

John was extremely offended by his culture in underestimating that he only did what he wanted because what the fuck? Why would he not as long as he could! You are doing something that you don't want? What is that? That doesn't make you mature, that just makes you a fucking Ding Dong, doing whatever somebody else wants you to do! But when your kid shows up, sure you do what needs to be done all the way, you go the whole distance, you don't stop at a certain point and go: ”My feet hurt!”

This was a situation like that. These guys got their band shit broken into and all their stuff stolen, and they were trying to figure out who did it, and they think: ”Hey, wait a minute! Roderick is a drug addict! He knows the practice space and all this stuff!” and so they thought that John had orchestrated a burglary upon them and stolen all their stuff. They couldn't prove it, and they didn't tell him, they just spent two years believing that he had ripped them off. John was oblivious because he was off getting high, and he didn't see those guys. Every once in a while he would see them and they would give him the stink eye and he thought the stink eye was because he had stopped coming to practice.

Then one of them was at the Midway Swapmeet two years later, walking around looking at motorcycle carburetors or whatever you get at a swapmeet, and they come upon this guy who was selling all their guitars. They called the cops, the cops come, busted the guy, and the guy said: ”Oh, it wasn't me!” and he eventually points the finger at one of their best bros, who also was a drug addict, but he was Mr. Cool, their tight bro who remained their tight bro and just ripped them off and sold all their shit and took the money and did the drugs. When they confronted him he hung himself in the bathroom the following day.

John was oblivious to all of this and at one time he was standing at a party and these guys are there and they walk over an apropos of nothing tell him this whole story: ”Oh yeah! We thought you ripped us off, but it turned out it was Blake and we found the stuff at the swapmeet, and he killed himself!” - ”You thought it was me?” John was desolate, blown out, he didn't have any money, but that was what he was doing, it was his life. it wasn't anybody's fault, he wasn't owed anything, he wasn't going to steal. The only reason you steal is if you think you are owed something. You think something about life is unfair and that you are entitled to these things that you don't own because there is some justice that you think you do.

Either that or you are absolutely absent of any internal ethic or code. None of that was true of John, he is not entitled to anything, there is no justice in the world, but that doesn't mean that he is owed anything. There is no justice in the world. Full stop! It is a thing you accept at a certain point in life. ”I only have two arms. I don't have three. I am not sad about it. A third arm would help me a lot. I could be playing guitar and holding onto the mic stand! But it is not a thing, you don't get it!”

John was so offended by this! These were people he was in a band with! This complete misjudgment of something that he considered to be very basic. If you can't tell your scumbags apart, like ”This is a scumbag that would rip us off, and this is a scumbag that would never rip us off!” John was a dirt bag beyond belief, but not the kind that would rip you off, and there are people that are in a suit and tie that come drive up in a fancy car that will rip you off all day. You can't judge a person just because they are a dirt bag.

There are just a few moments in life like this, probably a lot more than he knows, where somebody in the world said: ”Roderick, you can't trust him with your motorcycle, or you can't rely on him!”, but the number of dads that he has seen in the last 10 years that have flaked out on their family that looked on paper like a way better dad than John looked like when his daughter was born, and where are those dads now? They fucked off. They got a new wife or whatever, or they just moved on. They were out for themselves. Part of John is still pissed off and will always be pissed off at those people, just like he will always be pissed off at his old band: ”If you thought I did rip you off, then I don't trust you!”


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