RW15 - One foot in the 20th Century

This week, Dan and John talk about:

The show title refers to our generation being a bridge between the analog world of the 20th century and the new digital era.

John is recording using his mobile podcasting equipment from Rachel Lichtman’s apartment high above the city of Los Angeles because is driving his GMC RV across this great land. He is on his way doing some shows with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. John has been living in the van for the last 2 weeks, but he still wanted to continue to podcast. As he was about to leave Seattle, his friends at the Gibson guitar company told him that they have bought a podcast microphone company because we they had forgotten what their core business was. Instead of making Gibson guitars they are consuming media companies because their owner is a crazy person. They asked John if he would like one of those podcasting microphones and he was like ”Naaaah, yeah, okay!”, but then he realized that he could take this strange new USB podcasting-microphone on his big drive. They had an episode in the can for situations like this where one of them couldn’t make the recording, but they had already used it.

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