RL409 - Prime Joe Customer

This week, Merlin and John talk about:

The Problem: John wants to get the story, referring to John working at Seafirst Bank with filing files and being good at getting the story behind deviations in the numbers.

The show title refers to John’s job at Check Mart where Prime Joe Customer could get a better deal than somebody who just came in with a cheque.

Before the ad break Merlin accidentally calls the show for Roderick on the Rhine, which is a good name for a cruise.

Raw notes
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Merlin trying to locate a buzz at his desk (RL409)

Merlin is trying to locate a buzz and eliminate it and he starts the show humming an E3, asking for how many hertz that is (around 160) because he doesn’t know how to measure that. Talking about Hertz (the car rental company), Avis tries harder because they are number two. Why would you say in a commercial that your company is number two? That means dookie! The buzz might come from a cable and people are telling him to put aluminum foil around it, but that seems crazy. John suspects that it is a multiple of 60 Hz and comes from powered equipment.

Guitar amp humming sounds (RL409)

Merlin remembers hearing that when you coil cable it creates some kind of attractor, not an amplifier, that would be like a Vox, the media network. Maybe it is an exciter, not an oral exciter, but a Hertz exciter, that you are amplifying because it is using some type of Tesla Coil type situation to increase the frequencies. John calls it a ground loop.

In the old days, all of their amplifiers had ground switches in the back and if you got a lot of hum you would flip the ground and sometimes that would resolve your problem, but not always. You were bucking the hum, like a Seymour Duncan type situation. You flip some polarity and the hum goes away. Merlin recommends a Lipstick pickup, and put a Danelectro by your Humbucker.

The other guy in Merlin’s band was a bit of a gear horse. They had two regular basses that they would use pretty often, a Jazz thing, a P-bass (Fender Precision Bass), called stinky bass, and the other one was called fruity bass. The stinky bass was stinky and the fruity bass was a Danelectro and looked kind of fruity, but we don’t say that anymore, although you might be referring to Juicy Fruit (song by Mtume), Merlin used to cover that. He gets his guitar and starts playing Juicy Fruit, ending it accidentally in a 9-chord like The Beatles used to like doing. It might be a 6-chord, Merlin is not sure.

The other day John tagged Tim Scanlin from Actionslacks in an Instagram post and it was just a good old time, but he hasn’t replied.

John admiring people who understand music theory on the guitar (RL409)

John follows a Norwegian guy who is a really good guitar player. Many guitar tutorials online are really hard to watch, but his guy seems to have a camera on his hat and he just looks at the neck of his guitar and plays. He is a way better guitar player than John will ever be and it is fun to watch his hands do stuff, watching his knowledge of chords just manifest itself on the neck of his guitar. Merlin understands what an inversion is, he has done it, and he understands why those make Elton John songs so powerful, but other people can play a chord anywhere and make it sound different. That is just chords! This is what John respects about Jonathan Coulton who is a music major.

This guy in Norway can throw any note on a chord and like they say in Jazz there are no wrong notes, it becomes right because of the next thing he plays. There are people who play 3-tier pedal steels where they got one chord and they flat one note and sharpen another and it becomes another thing. John’s brain will never understand chords and music that way. Now John is watching it manifest itself on the neck of a guitar, a thing he knows intimately and interacts with every single day and he realizes that apparently it is as simple as that. You just play the right note, or you play the wrong note, then the wronger note and then the right note.

Trying to learn Beatles songs on the guitar has always been incredibly frustrating. You think it can’t possibly be this hard, but they are just throwing mad notes around. Merlin has watched many things on YouTube about the correct way to play the beginning of Help. As a kid he always thought you just hit all the strings open, but that is not true and there are a lot of levels to this. The key to it is that it is actually two chords, which makes a lot of sense, but actually there are three chords plus a piano making that opening chord, which sounds so accidental and chaotic, but it is three different things in different keys that makes that impossible chord.

Merlin likes to watch a Japanese fellow who does covers on acoustic guitar. He has extremely creepy fingernails and he is a Charles Bissell type (from The Wrens) where he plays the most economical, minimally viable cover of a song that still sounds like the original. Merlin admires that so much, especially when they make it look easy!

John working at a Check Mart and at Seafirst Bank in Seattle (RL409)

Right after John stopped drinking and doing drugs he got a job at Check Mart on 1st Avenue in Downtown Seattle, which a cheque cashing place and one of the most exploitative pseudo-banks where he worked in a cell with bullet-proof glass all around him. They had contracted with SSI (Supplemental Security Income) because a lot of people who receive those don’t have a bank or don’t trust banks. They would receive mail from Social Security for people who were homeless, they would open their envelope, take the cheque out and hand it back to them and they would cash it and take 20% of it. It is a completely usurious business.

John got the job because that was peak temp and he went to a temp agency. Instead of learning how to type in typing class he had just written manifestos every day, which is why he got an F in typing, but he did learn how to type. He would have gotten an A in manifestos, he trained himself to write manifestos, and he could have given himself that grade and doesn’t need any teacher to give it to him. Who else came out of this typing class with 60 pages? Ted Kaczynski maybe, and he went straight into Harvard. John should have submitted it to Harvard!

Even though John was a freshly minted person still in recovery who still saw bats flying out across the dessert he could type and he asked the temp agency to give him any job and when they saw in the typing test that he could type they asked him if he could use Word, or was it Wordstar. While he was working there at all these little odd jobs there was a recruiter who found a job for you and then took a cut of your salary, a placement agency. Merlin did that and he got very few jobs out of it, it was often bottom of the barrel type stuff, but the notion was that somebody would have to fill in for a month for somebody on maternity leave.

John was very good a filing, but at the same time also bad at it because he is a perfectionist about that stuff. He would find the place in the cabinet where the file should go and once he was in that cabinet he would feel that the way the files were arranged was wrong and rather than go back and get the next file to file somewhere else he would need to straighten that drawer and get it squared away so that people could find things more easily, but at the end of the day when the boss would look at the productivity statistics in terms of how many files he had filed, that would not account for the higher level work of rearranging the operation to be more sensible.

John was also working at Seafirst Bank and got along great with everybody and thought he had a future in banking. It was not the job where John was working in a beautiful building that inexplicably used the top floor to store files. That was at a stock brokerage called Piper Jaffray and that was before John stopped drinking. The building was designed by the same architect who designed the World Trade Center and has many of the same design elements. Seafirst Bank was a huge local Northwest bank that had a huge tower. They had a lobby with a table that had 5 receptionists and they buzzed you into a variety of 15 doors. They got eventually absorbed into Washington Mutual.

One time while he worked at Seafirst Bank he took a week off to go to New York with his family and when he came back on Monday morning he greeted Sally and Bill and they both looked at him with a ”What are you doing here?” look, which felt weird, but they buzzed him in and John was walking through the office to his desk and everyone looked up at him with the same ”Ehhhh…” There was a little Japanese girl sitting at his desk and no-one had told her about him and no-one had told John that he had been replaced.

His best work friend told him to talk to the boss who said she had left him a message. John is not sure now what type of message that would have been because he had only been sober for a while and he didn’t have an address, let alone an answering machine. He might still have been living in the minivan where he had an electrical chord into the house to keep the battery charged so he could have light after the sun went down, but he didn’t get a key to the house and he eventually overstayed his welcome (see RL14).

John boss had a spiky wedge haircut with frosted tips like the mom in Ferris Bueller. He asked her what happened because he thought they all worked great, and she told him that they had gotten this girl from the temp agency to replace him for the week and she did 4 times as much work as John did. ”Well… 4 times as much ’work’?” When a banker was asking for the insurance file about Maisie Glotz’s RV and boat (see RL163) he could tell the banker all about it because he had already read it and he could get it right into their hot little hands without them having to submit a form because he had the whole thing memorized.

John went over to his desk to get his coffee cup and pack of cigarettes that he had left there and he talked to her for a minute and he was completely humiliated, but she seemed like a nice person with a business mane. John’s boss also said they were going to offer her a full-time job and all the things that John said he was good at were not in any way in the description of the job they had hired him to do. He was just supposed to file the files.

Then John went to a guy who promised to find him a job. He was not playing music at this point, but he was just a scumbag who didn’t have any sense that he could actually put the rubber to the road and do anything creative in the world. He had just decided that he wasn’t going to be on drugs, he wrote tons of stuff and filled up those spiral notebooks, but he wasn’t playing music. He honestly thought that now that he was sober he should get a job that was respectable and white collar, and he thought that management trainee was where he belonged and so he asked the guy to find him a job in management in the money making field.

John likes to put numbers in order and he likes to watch interest rates accumulate. John is not OCD, he doesn’t need it to be Zero at the end, but if it is not zero he likes to figure out where it went wrong. He almost wants the registers not to tally because he wants to find the moment in the day where someone took a Sacagawea Dollar and thought it was a quarter. It always ends up being between $0.05 and $50, it is never going to ruin the world, but the story was what was interesting to him, and you could always figure it out by looking at the receipts.

John kept thinking that the guy would come back with a job where he would be working with the president of Seafirst where he would go into meetings around a large table and where he would sit on the back bench with a legal pad and be nodding along until somebody would ask how to solve this problem and John would clear his throat from the back of the room and mutter something under his breath, like ”button holes!” and then one guy who has been cleaning his glasses will put his glasses on and go: ”Button holes!” and by Jove he got it! Eventually John would get a large office and button holes were just the beginning.

The guy came back with an assistant manager trainee job at Check Mart. To 26-year old John most of his colleges there seemed middle-aged although they were probably 35 or 32. John hadn’t graduated from college, he merely had been to some colleges, but he came in as the assistant manager trainee while a lot of the others were women of color who had been there for a very long time, but who somehow were not management-grade and John was the guy who had been sober for 6 months.

John went to a Check Mart training camp for manager where he learned how to tell a forged cheque or a fake cheque and all the different ways that people can try to defraud a bank. His job as assistant manager was going to be to stand there and when somebody was like: ”Hang on just a second!” and they took a cheque into the back they would show it to John and say: ”Look at this cheque!” and he was supposed to consult with the teller and know if this was a fake cheque, but what it ended up being was that he worked at Check Mart because in order to be the assistant manager he had to know all the ins and outs of working there.

Working the Check Mart at 1st Avenue you see some life and you see all the sailors that get off the fishing boats and just got paid with a huge cheque and don’t have a bank. If you sign up and get a Check Mart cheque cashing card the process of cashing your cheque would be easier because you already had been vetted and you get a better rate. If you are Prime Joe Customer they would charge 2%, but if you were just somebody with his hat on sideways and came in with a cheque they would take 10-12% off.

There is some risk to this because people just come in with a piece of paper that they say is money that came out of their color printer. ”Do you think that we just don’t know anything? You would have a very low opinion of us!” and they would be sweating and their eyes were tired. The other big job that people are not really aware of is sending money back to Mexico or Philippines from people working in the US. There is a business near to Merlin’s office that is a combination of a travel agency, mobile phone store, they sell phone cards, all these different things in one, and they are a one-stop shop for people who want to do stuff in other countries.

John’s Check Mart was also a Western Union office and people would line up to send money to various places in the world and of course they would take a cut of that, so if they came with their paycheck they would take a cut to cash it and then a cut to send it. It is a terrible system and John was miserable working there. It was a working class job more than a white collar job and John was the white collar. His colleges also hated their job and they hated their customers, muttering all day under their breath things like: ”Look at this scumbag!”

It is the same issue with cops and firemen. All they encounter all day is people having their worst day. In the Check Mart business everybody who walks in the door is somebody who is potentially trying to scam you or is really on the skids or has a conspiracy about banks or is from a different country, trying to send money home. It is a mentality that grows over time. At first John found that every person who walks in the door is super-fascinating and if he could make them feel better when they walked out compared to when they walked in, then he has done his job.

By way of scoffing at him audibly, his co-workers explained to him over a very short amount of time that being nice to people is not an advantage because it doesn’t help you process it any faster and you are just going to miss that they are trying to scam you. You see it with cops in Seattle, although not with cops in New York, which are just: ”What crime are you committing, citizen?” with the assumption that everybody got a fucking fraudulent cheque.

John worked there for not very long, but the time he did work there the radio was on all the time and because his employees were middle-aged women of color they were listening to KUBE, the Pop Soul music station. It was always the urban station that had all white DJs and John was wondering why they wouldn’t hire any black DJs, there are so many of them. Those station have a playlist of the Top 15 songs in constant rotation and in the case of working a shift at Check Mart John was hearing Kiss From A Rose and Waterfalls probably 6 times a day and those songs are burned into his soul.

Playing only Kind of Blue on repeat at the News Stand, Rastafarianism (RL409)

When John finally got the good job at the news stand they were allowed to play their own music there until one day a fellow employees played a music with a swear and the owner shut it down and had 10 records they were allowed to play and eventually they heard them so many times that it ended up being Kind of Blue (album by Miles Davis) stuck in the stereo on permanent repeat for 2.5 years (see RL43). When Merlin was a bus boy he had the same experience with an 8-track of The Long Run (by the Eagles), and at another place it was Pretzel Logic (album by Steely Dan), which he still does like, but it is not the Steely Dan record he would choose.

The guy that put that record with a swear on was an African American man with really long dreadlocks that were a big part of his identity for many years, but he did not manifest himself. These were the alternative years and there were a lot of different takes on that. One day he showed up and had cut his hair because he had realized that he was being dishonest and hypocritical and he was not living true to rasta and could not wear those dreads. John still thinks about it all the time. He had worked on those dreads for probably 15 years and he wasn’t that old, but one day he was sitting and reflecting on himself, realizing that he was not honoring this hair and cut it all off.

Merlin knows very little about Rastafarianism except that it is a Caribbean inflection of Judaism and it is a very spiritual thing, and although he associates dreadlocks with them he could not tell you the first reason why people do that and what it has to do with the faith. John knows more about it because of the varied life he has led. It is a Jamaican religion that has something to do with Haile Selassie in Ethiopia because he was the manifestation of a king in Africa who was going to bring a pan-African restoration of the truth on Earth.

It was not just a recapitulation of Judaism, but some stories from the Old Testament like Exodus play a big roll as well. The idea was that Haile Selassie was Christ return and living among us and ultimately all the black people were going to return and build a kingdom in Africa. The dreads where probably just taken from Leviticus that describes a prohibition to cut your hair (Lev 19:27). Ska music came out of soul and slowed down and turned into Reggae.

John thinks all the time about what he is repping what he is not fully repping. You can’t just go on the Internet and yell at people how the tax plan favors the rich unless you are personally repping a righteous life. His desire to always be transforming works against the idea that he has a faith with tenets. His tenets are a continual motion of ongoing self-discovered truth that hopefully keep changing what his habits are rather than sticking to a doctrine. It is hard to know if John is fulfilling that prophecy every day and he is betraying it more by being static.

Food preferences (RL409)

They recently talked about habits and for Merlin a habit is generally something positive, but John is extremely suspicious of any habit. When he goes to a restaurant that he goes to all the time he always orders a different thing. If they put potatoes on the plate he will ask for a small plate, which they will always give him, and he will put the potatoes on the small plate and leave it. John also does not want mustard on his burgers, it is impossible to scrape off and he has not ordered a mustard delivery device.

Merlin made a mustard delivery device last night, a new variation of a meal he calls Sausage Night. It was fantastic! They had it with very rustic German mustard and this great new twist revived the relationship with Sausage Night. It is one of those things where he wants his food a certain way and his wife and daughter very specifically do not want their food that way, but it is not difficult to make two sets of sausage. He made Hot Slaw, a classic Ohio-German dish. It has cabbage, bacon, bacon-fat, apple-cider vinegar, red pepper flakes and you lightly sate the cabbage with a bit of carrot in it and you flip it around, turn it over and you have German Hot Slaw.

Popcorn is a salt delivery device because without salt it is a human tragedy. It is like unroasted almonds or unroasted peanuts, it is like eating someone’s show. Merlin’s friend in college Chris Cauldron’s uncle was a peanut farmer and sent him back to college once with a joke-sized thing of unroasted peanuts that he would bring to parties and then you have to shit, it gives you the runs really hard.

The Rhein Haus in Seattle (RL409)

John’s mom’s house was close to a neighborhood around 12th Avenue where there used to be just warehouses and car repair shops with nothing going on there. Gradually during the 1990s and the 2000s it started to be populated by Capitol Hill’s run-off. What used to be a transmission repair place was now a Pho restaurant on its way to a photography studio, and one of the places was a shitty band practice place that got really fixed up and turned into a sausage restaurant called Von Trapps, but then the Von Trapp family sued them and they changed it to Rhein Haus. They serve big platters of 13 kinds of sausages with a hot slaw and mashed potatoes and everything.

If you order the big platter, which John always does, it is actually the size of a garbage can lid. They make goulash, all the things, and weiß sauce is not a problem. The problem is that this great German-Austrian sausage house is connected to a bro bar that has a dozen Bocce ball courts that became very quickly the place where a team from Amazon would have their team-building exercise, so you would be in there to get your sausage and there is a person at the door trying to seat parties of 25, but the sausage was beyond compare and a thing of beauty and John misses it because that is mustard delivery that is 100% consensual.

Sauces and gravy, John making his first gravy (RL409)

When Merlin is eating French Fries he will create dipping stations, a thing he learned from the TV show The Kids in the Hall, and he makes very careful decisions what he wants to touch what. You got the hot sauce, the mayonnaise, the ketchup and at first you can exclusively dip into this or that, but then it gets a big smeared together, which is okay because it is a happy family. Pretty soon you have made your own Boom Boom Sauce on the plate! When they have nugget night he will make his famous dip’n sauce which is a basic cocktail sauce with mayonnaise, ketchup, some peri-peri to add a little heat to it.

John doesn’t make his own dip’n sauce and he does not have a barbecue sauce, although he loves sauce! On Merlin’s other show where they have challenges every week (Do By Friday) they had at least three different challenges that involved sauce. Merlin loves making up his own stuff and trying it out!

John likes a gravy-based sauce. Merlin’s measure of success is getting a thing like a Coke-machine for his house, except it is all gravies: White Gravy, Brown Gravy, Au Jus, the brown gravy they put on Egg Foo Young, which is fucking great gravy. Egg Foo Young is disgusting, gives you diarrhea and makes you fall asleep, but it is a gravy deployment device. Merlin always wants gravy and when he gets breakfast he always wants a monkey dish full of white sausage gravy.

John has just recently learned how to properly make a gravy that finally satisfies and gratifies him after decades of wanting more gravy than he was ever given. He spent many hours and weeks of his life wishing he had gravy and it felt like a mysterious curse. When John orders a large brisket, what he wants (”What I want…”) is raspberry jam and sausage gravy both there to employ from one bit the next. A lot of placed don’t want it your way, they want it their way. John wants a brown gravy that is the kind you would put on hamburger steak.

When John makes hamburger steak it is going to be a beef gravy, and if it is a turkey dinner it is going to be a turkey gravy, but there is always going to have to be gravy on egg noodles. John got Merlin started on egg noodles to go with steak and he never looked back. It is a life changer! Here is what John was never able to do and what he is now finally able to do, is to make a proper stew that is not too watery or too floury.

Merlin makes stew in the Instant Pot every couple of weeks. John has been converted to the Instant Pot cult as well, but he doesn’t make gravy in there. His mom psyched him out on gravy because she claimed it was very simple and you just have to do it in exactly this way and if you mess it up at all it is going to be a disaster and you have to throw it in the garbage, which made John approach it with a lot of fear, but since his birthday this year he realized that he doesn’t cook following instructions at all, but he gets out a caulk gun, puts everything in one end of it and squeezes it out the other end. Why the hell has he not been making gravy this way?

The breakthrough was when John realized he was 52 years old, and was he really going to live the rest of his life being afraid? He leaned into it, he had both his ivory-handled 45s in either holster, ”Are those pearl-handled pistols?” - ”Pearl handles? What am I? A New Orleans pimp? They are ivory handles!” (quote by George Patton), bellied up to the stove, the kitchen was full of ladies, all trying to get cakes and other things made, and John decided to do the sauce. There was a lot of: ”Huh! You are going to do the sauce?” and his mom, who is always happy to not have to do the thing anymore, took the frag out of her apron, threw it on the floor, said: ”Good!”, and went on to read a magazine.

When people ask him what he wants for birthday, he will say: ”What I want…” is this particular breakfast that has a whole bastic of bistiks [sic] and sauce. This is the sauce from the Welsh Rarebit! John leaned in and did it and everybody agreed that this was the best sauce ever. It isn’t magic, but it is part of his co-dependency with his mom where she made it seem really hard to keep him in a state of perpetual childhood. We don’t realize the impact of our words and our actions sometimes and how much something somebody said one time will end up sticking with you and give you the fear of gravy, which is also a terrific Talking Heads album.

Since then John has made a dozen sauces. The Welsh Rarebit has a cheese sauce, but it is the same as any white sauce and any gravy, it is just a question if you put pan drippings or cheese in it. It starts with a fat and you get a starch and put them together and cook it until the corn or the wheat is is cooked and doesn’t taste like itself anymore and you put in the liquid which can be any one of a few things and you got your basic sauce. Then you put in the cheese or the beef broth, the garlic, and the other stuff. John was ratatouille-ing it: A little bit of this, a little bit of that. When you are making a cheese sauce, don’t forget the tiny splash of Marsala Wine and a teeny bit of mustard! Also Worcester Sauce goes in things you don’t think about.

John getting COVID tested, Kiss From A Rose (RL409)

In the car on their way back from the COVID test this morning John’s daughter asked him if they could listen to music and her mother has satellite radio in her car, so he turned it on and it was playing Kiss From A Rose by Seal, which came out in the mid-1990s right around the same time as TLC’s Waterfalls and when John got sober. John had never realized that Seal had incorporated some Grunge lexicon in Kiss From A Rose, it was a little bit of Alice in Chains in there, and there are a lot of chords in this song! If there has ever been an Indie Rock cover of that song, then John doesn’t want to hear about it because he should probably do a songwriter-cover of it.

The song has a lot of soul without any of that cheap soul theatric stuff, and it is not coming from the church, but it is coming from The Beatles, but not directly. The song, the chords, it is all coming from elsewhere. The stacked parts, the way that chords tumble into chords, the fact that there is always a bridge that is always better than the rest of the song which is already the best song you ever heard. The song has three boonsnitties in it. Is this the pre-chorus? No, it is the pre-pre-chorus. It is 11 choruses, it just goes from chorus to chorus.

Muscle cars (RL409)

If you had one muscle car and you could pick anything you want, even a 1981 K-car station wagon (Plymouth Reliant). Merlin doesn’t know a lot about cars and the only car he ever actively wanted was a 1964 1/2 or 1965 Mustang with pony interior, but he had such a hard-on for Burt Reynolds’ Trans Am (1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am). The Firebird on the hood was so fucking cool! He also liked the Starsky & Hutch car a lot (1976 Ford Grand Torino) and he likes cars that make a certain V8-sound, not from the Thrush exhaust, but the other one.

Merlin would want an automatic because the Jetta they had was a stick and he never wants to drive a stick in San Francisco again. He also likes things that are easy to parallel-park. In America today you don’t see that many shots of what a car looks like from above. Even the fucking Pontiac Catalina that Merlin’s family had in 1975, cars used to be so long and you don’t see it because you only see one angle of a car at a time, unless you are looking from the top. John’s first car was one of the longest cars they ever made, the 1972 Chrysler Newport Imperial, which is only a two-door car, but it is very long.

Merlin’s friend had a third-hand Oldsmobile from his grandfather and it was so improbably long and heavy and he remembers that some of those really long cars are two-door cars because it is so hard to open and close the doors on those early-1970s American cars, especially with power windows. They would call it the battle wagon. One of the doors didn’t open and he had to get in through the other door, which was very Dukes of Hazard, and this thing was so fucking heavy, it was unbelievable. According to John’s mom, they sprung one of the doors of her Dodge Dart by riding it and jumping up on it, and it never fit right after that.

Merlin could drive a Mustang around San Francisco, there is even a 1965 in his neighborhood that is really nice. He loves that hexagon grill. He wouldn’t turn away a Fastback or anything that is not a Type II, those are garbage and they should all be thrown into a sea. Merlin would also enjoy having his VW Bus again, but in San Francisco he doesn’t need anything because he has a Segway that he already has put 660 miles on it. He has been to Georgia on this thing! He does not want to talk about if he wears a helmet, but he is also not wearing a costume, he is not LARPing. John has a hard time believing that you can ”drive” a Segway without wearing a costume.

Merlin suggests the 1955 Chrysler Newport Imperial coupe for John. It is based on the Chrysler 300, which is one of the most beautiful cars. The grill is like a Rottweiler: It is smart and nice until the day when it is smart, but not that nice, with two doors and white wall tires. The mid-century Chryslers are widely regarded as the most beautiful cars ever made. That windshield looks like it should really kill a family. It was right before the 1957 Chevy. The 1955 Chrysler 300, looks like the Imperial, except a bit lower and sleeker.

It is such a hot car and John thinks about that all the time! He is not a Thunderbird guy. It is the old version of fast, like stock car kind of rev-them-up, but is not for the drag strip. ”Quarter mile? Go to the blow? Running for pinks?” No, this is a moonshiner’s car, and you would do the Pan America on it and drive for 6 days. That is when John will take his daughter down to Tierra Del Fuego to learn how to fix a Jeep. Précisément!

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