RL402 - Time to Move Some Furniture Around

This week, Merlin and John talk about:

The Problem: Bringing nothing to a gun fight, referring to politicians in America in 2020 only taking about that what the administration does is illegal and is breaking norms, but then they are not doing anything about it.

The show title refers to the current situation with COVID and the election that are both good opportunities to make changes in our system.

Raw notes
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On the eve of the 2020 Presidential Election (RL402)

John starts the show singing Merlin’s name like in the old days. ”How are your emotions?” - ”There sure are a lot of them!” - ”Tiptoe Through the Tulips” (song by Tiny Tim) Merlin doesn’t know if he should lean into his bundle of nerve-ness or to seek some sweet relief. It is the day before the 2020 Presidential Election in the US and that is on everybody’s mind here at the studio.

John is in a heightened emotional state as well, but he doesn’t have a lot to add to that. Daylight savings time has worked in his favor this one time because he was able to get a full-night’s sleep with 8.5 hours last night. He woke up an hour ago, looked at Twitter for some time, had a breakfast cookie, looked at some drawings his daughter has done, a full-fledged functioning grown-up person, and then he came down podcasting. This state will last 3-4 days before he will be back staying up all night.

The end of daylight savings time (RL402)

Merlin has also been going to bed earlier and going up earlier. Today he woke up at 5am, went to the restroom to micturate and noticed his kid’s light was on, so he texted her, asking how long she had been up and she agreed to take a nice long sunrise walk with him. It is difficult to see the sunrise from where they live because of a giant hill to the East, but they got a coffee and a hot chocolate, took a nice long walk, and took some photos.

This day feels so freaking weird. Merlin has a lot going on and everything feels weird and he has the same physical sensations that he used to get when he had a new crush on someone where his head is hot and his arms are heavy and he can’t think, and the end of daylight savings time just exacerbates that. Merlin used to struggle with it in regards to sleep hygiene with his kid, especially switching back the other way in the spring because it is still light out at the time.

John’s daughter has always wanted to get up earlier than she needed to and she has asked her parents to wake her up at 7am. They bought her an alarm clock, but they went the wrong direction and did not get her an alarm clock that worked, but a fun kid’s alarm clock because she is just at that age at 9.5 years old. Merlin suggests not to get cute about time. She is right at the tipping point where you can still entertain her with cute things like a phone that is shaped like an elephant, but she is also old enough to need things that work and she wants things that work.

A clock was purchased for her that is also a glowing ball that throbs with different colors, like a conjuring orb and if you hit it a certain way it does one thing, but she needs a schoolroom clock on the opposite wall and she needs a wind-up alarm-clock with two bells from 1935. 45 minutes were spent going through LCD menus on this thing, there is no manual, and the alarm worked once, but hasn’t worked since. A second alarm clock has not been purchased yet, but John will go on eBay during the show and buy a clock that has was used by the US Navy in the 1940s.

Merlin says there is the Amazon Echo Spot that has all the benefits of an Amazon device plus gives you the opportunity to not have to diddle with all the knobs and gizmos, but you can do the programming from her telephone, but what would keep her from ordering 50 copies of Old Town Road, the remix? You can probably turn that off, there is a little bit of protection there.

Merlin also tried all the different things, and like his digital race-car watch from 1978 you got one button and another button and you go through modes and why is the print on everything so small now? He can’t read anything anymore although he has the light all the way bright and his glasses. John recommends him a magnifying glass on top of a stack of books. Merlin’s wife has pointed him to a website selling schoolhouse clocks. They are so cool and Merlin likes almost all of them very much!

Color names, color blindness, the color of Merlin’s wardrobe (RL402)

John was thinking about finding a set of cabinets from an old school art class and trying to repurpose them in his house, but he realized that while he thought of them as primary colors, what they really are is 80 shades of mauve (Merlin loved that movie), a greyish-pink. John has no idea what it is. Mov is a purple or eggplant, but mauve? The Fauves were a French painting movement. Puce is green, but Merlin doesn’t know any of these. He knows grey and blue, those are the colors of the Civil War. He can’t tell Navy from Black, let alone salmon from shrimp.

Being friends with Mike Squires is nice because he is very colorblind and he only really sees one of the colors. One reason he dresses all in black is because he is very Metal, but he also can’t see colors. If John couldn’t see colors he would just wear the most harlequin plaids, like he does now. Merlin agrees and he would have so much fun with a jester outfit because it only harms others, it is like not bathing. Mike at some point along the way got self-conscious as a teenager about things not matching and he just buys things that he knows are going to match, which ware typically Navy-blue or black.

Merlin ended up there as well. He buys a lot of podcast T-shirts and he has been approaching a Ray Kurzweil thing, The Grey Goo, because all he got are heather grey things. He used to have black or white things, but Nate Silver (from 538) calls it Reversion to the Mean (”A stock’s price will tend to move to the average price over time”) and all he sees now is grey heather.

Despite his colorblindness Mike Squires was in the United States Marine Corps because when it comes to soldiering colorblindness can be an advantage in certain applications because it defeats camouflage. With colorblindness you see motion and shape that other are bamboozled by the colored pants. It is why Ray Charles always stayed at a Holiday Inn, it totally makes sense. It really served Mike in the typing pool at Camp Pendleton because things would come in that were coded green or code pink and he couldn’t tell the difference and would just start at the top of the pile. Which one is golden rod, is the question! (singing James Bond theme)

The 2020 Presidential Election (RL402)

Merlin hopes John’s daughter will listen to this some day, he knows his won’t. A minute ago there is a case being heard in Texas whether or not they are going to throw out 127.000 votes that had been cast by drive-through voting and the dude on the hilarious conference call said that it is looking like the judge was very sympathetic to allowing the votes that are already cast and also allow it on election day.

Merlin trying to consume the news in a wholesome way

Merlin thinks it is all going to be fine, that is what he has been saying for 3 years. Joe Biden will be the clear winner almost everywhere electorally and the election will possibly be stolen away from him. Merlin likes to use the word ”wholesome” and the question is if something is a wholesome thing to do. Merlin likes the word wholesome because it has a certain valence to it. For a while he has been trying to get better at that and the question is if we are feeding nutritional and wholesome things to our attention. Are we eating the right food pyramid? Are you shotgunning information in a way that is wholesome?

You know things are not going great when Merlin has opened the app TweetDeck, which extremely-online people use, but he doesn’t use it because it is not wholesome, except for a day like today when he has fucking 5 columns rolling in real time. Merlin needs to check himself before he wrecks himself in regard to wholesomeness. Does Merlin ever pivot from election stuff to COVID when he has read everything and all the websites are saying the same thing. Elections are Merlin’s morning problem and COVID is his afternoon problem because that is when John’s Hopkins puts out their stuff and updates the death count saying that 100.000 people are getting sick every day.

Merlin talked to his lady friend about this. He was supposed to record a podcast on Tuesday evening (election day), but he rescheduled that to have some clear runway for watching the carnage. The kids today call it doom-scrolling because you have brought upon yourself so much pain and you are scrolling and scrolling, waiting for a new palette of pain to drop into your little cage.

John’s concert on election night 2016

John talked about this in RL223

Four years ago John was dating Millennial Girlfriend and he had a concert on election night. Everybody was very confident in the outcome, but John was especially confident because he had a lot invested in how a Democratic administration was going to bring it home and his gal Hills (Hillary Clinton) he felt very strongly about how things were going to be.

The concert was with a couple of friends, like Shelby Earl, the great songwriter, John helped her produce her first record and Eric Anderson of the band Cataldo, they were all playing together at an old church in Freemont. They were backstage, Millennial Girlfriend had flown up from California, they were shuckin’ and jivin’, giggles and having fun, and they were checking their phones and it was that moment where Hillary’s chance of winning went down from 91% to 75% to 60% and at that point when they were wondering what was going on they had to take the stage. John told everybody in the room to put their phones away and to not be checking on the election, but just be in the room together and Leave it.

There was this pregnancy because everybody felt a sense of looming disaster, but they were in a little bubble for the space of the 2 hours that the show took and then they walked off-stage to the bad news. It feels like the JoCo Cruise this year when John was on a cruise while the pandemic was raging across the country.

John’s situation this year

This year John doesn’t have any built-in reason to not pay attention on election night and all he has to do the whole day is to wake up and look at his phone and that is bad internet hygiene and bad wholesomeness, but he doesn’t know what else to do and what tho choose to do to distract himself. John’s co-host on Friendly Fire Ben Harrison is going to be a poll-watcher somewhere in Las Vegas, which Merlin thinks it sounds a little dirty and is probably a term of art there. He is going to get there with his red/white/blue top hat and say: ”I am here poll watching!” - ”Right this way, sir!” and he will go through a beaded curtain: ”Uh, democracy!”

Merlin being called for jury duty on election day 2016

Merlin talked about this in RL223

Merlin’s kid just had a birthday and they were telling a birth story when a woman wants to share what the end of that journey of being pregnant was. Sometimes when you have the feeling that a thing reminds you of a bad thing and you will bend over backwards to never feel that feeling again. That is why John doesn’t fall in love!

Merlin likes to think that he is a rational person, but like anybody he is superstitious, trying to think about all the things who the election day in 2016 went and what it portended. They are not going to get Hawaiian food, to begin with. In 2016 in the crack of Tuesday they went up and walked to the polling location with his wife and daughter and he asked his daughter to place his ballot in the box for their first female president. Who is going to break my heart now? Easy sailing!

Merlin is jury crack and they want him on every jury, and he has always been juried, although not in quite a while. He was on jury duty on election day 2016 and his wife dropped him off Downtown at the Hall of Justice. He has never done a jury duty that was over many weeks or months, but this time it was an assault case with two people that was expected to start very soon and go into January or February of 2017. Three times he has actually been seated, many times not. He was instantly going into ridiculous panic attack and when they asked him for overriding reasons he had to explain that he did podcasts, like Internet radio shows, and he was panicking while he was filling out the form and he decided to hit the eject button and tell the judge about jury nullification and he might as well have held up a crucifix made of garlic and silver bullets.

Merlin’s first jury experience back in Tallahassee utterly knocked the wind out of him by how shitty his experience was and also by the case of a bully picked a fight with another kid and got part of his ear bitten off, he sued the board of education of Leon County, Florida that he was improperly monitored when he got to school early. It came down to a ruling if the policy of the school board and the school properly followed on the day that this dingeling got his ear bitten off, not anything else. They decided to award him only $1, like they had seen in the movies, the plaintiff’s attorney said something against that and the judge read them the jury instructions a second time for another 20 minutes, and they were forced to have the bully get money because he got part of his ear bitten of for being an asshole. It really put Merlin off his beer.

Merlin got out of jury duty and he was getting out of the Hall of Justice and was walking up 6th Street on election day. It is pretty rough, not because you are going to be menaced, but in a Godspeed You! Black Emperor way. There will be amputees crying and shitting on needles and Merlin had to get to MUNI to get home, he was relieved he didn’t have jury duty, and it felt bad and 6th Street sucked.

When election night came they were going to see the coronation of the queen, they were all very excited, and things were looking pretty good for a while. Merlin’s wife and daughter left for the Pokébowl place to get Pokébowls and before they were even out of the driveway some of the results that were rolling in were a bit uncomfortable and by the time they got back it was super not looking good. They didn’t know what is going on, like the lady on the flank talking about AIDS in South Africa who didn’t know from landing at that point.

Merlin doesn’t know what he should to the next day on Election Day 2020. He is a nervous wreck in the best of cases and he should have a T-shirt saying: ”Governed by fear” and he is looking for John’s advice how to have a wholesome relationship with November 3rd 2020.

John’s advice

The first thing we all need to understand is that 80% of the potential outcomes are going to result in the current president declaring that he is the victor, even if there is only a 10% chance that he is the victor. We almost know that for certain! The crazy thing to remember is that there are over 2 months between election day and when the president is seated, which are 2+ months, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s where they are going to be stripping The White House down to the joists, Kushner is going to be out there, selling portraits of Lincoln in front of The White House, and they are going to pardon literally everyone. It is going to be insane!

Michael Keaton is going to be locked into the front room of The White House, introducing rats and roaches into the ducts, like in the movie Pacific Heights that takes place in San Francisco, a Horror movie for property owners that came out in 1990 and it has haunted John to this day. The film is with Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine. It is a psychological horror film, something you don’t see anymore. There is no murder, no ghosts, but what would it be to rent out a spare room in your house as a young couple to a bad person. It is analogous to what happened in The White House: We rented it out to a really bad tenant.

There are going to be 70 days of chaos and so much is going to happen. Unlike 4 years ago election day is not going to be the end, but it is only going to be the beginning of months of the country in typhoon of insanity. We are going to learn so much about the constitution, about the Prosecutor’s Office in New York State, about America, about ourselves. Cyrus Vance is a name Merlin remembers from the Carter administration, that was his Dad, and we are going to hear a lot from Cyrus Vance Jr. (the incumbent District Attorney of New York County). Because of the OLC memo (Office of Legal Counsel) from 1973 the policy of the justice department is to not prosecute a sitting president for anything federal, but there are a lot people now tapping their foot, including Deutsche Bank, Cyrus Vance and all these different people. There are going to be a lot of gentlemen callers appearing as soon as he is out of office, which is all the reason why, apart from not wanting to look as he says ”a loser”, why he is fighting so God-damn hard. John wouldn’t shed a single tear if Deutsche Bank went under for all of this.

John is fastening his seat-belt for a heck of a ride we are all about to go on, that we can’t do anything about. His hope is that the much smaller fractional chance that it is a clear and unequivocal victory for the sitting president is the only outcome that is a full nightmare scenario. Anything else in the middle about disputed votes and the Supreme Court… there are actually checks and balances, 4-5 things that have to happen between now and January for any one of 50 totally bonkers typhoon outcomes, and John is in it to win it.

John was so wrong last time and he feels very shy about having confidence in his feelings this time. He thinks that the incredible turnout of voters is a super-good sign, but the Republican ground game is the thing that is scary, the game that they have been playing since the Reagan administration, where they packed all of the local elections boards and all of the county sheriff’s offices. There are people in Pennsylvania who are there to determine whether ballots are counted or not and who are full-on QAnon believers! We have known about this for 3 decades, that through gerrymandering… they are trying to win any NFC championship by murdering the refs.

Republicans having the better ground game

It is the school board problem. In this particular county in Pennsylvania they took any reference to Geology out of their textbooks because the word never appears in The Bible and the rest of the world is just: ”Hahaha, too bad for those hicks in Pennsylvania!”, but now the whole fate hangs in the balance. It has happened a couple of times and the Liberals are just not used to playing the ground game, it is not how they think because it is unseemly to play these bare-knuckle tactics against people. They want to win on the strength of their argument and the strength of the truth, which is clearly not how the right thinks.

John is nervous about all of that ground-game stuff. In 2000 and 2016 the establishment left really let us down because they were the ones who said: ”Well, the rules say and you have to respect…” and Al Gore conceded rather than to appeal, all those things that men of honor did.

Merlin heard on a podcast that by the standards of any modern contemporary Western society, the left in America is much more centrist. There is also another distinction between being liberal and centrists institutionalists. Al Gore did that because he wanted to restore peace to the galaxy.

The idea that there is a left, a center-left, a center-right, and a right. Those notions come from parliamentary cultures where the distinction between center-right and center-left matters, but in the United States they don’t think that way and there is just a line down the middle and you fall on here or there. Most Democrats are Lawful Neutral, and it used to be that most Republicans were and stayed out of your bedroom. That whole business is post-Reagan, too! It used to be a value that we were very different from one another, but it was then meant to be shoveled in as: ”This needs to be ape-law now!”

Eisenhower didn’t want prayer in schools! He was a sensible man and Gerald Ford was probably, too. Eisenhower was who sent the National Guard into Little Rock, in the days before Kennedy and the Civil Rights Bill and all that stuff. He is much closer in his alignment to a Centrist and he was even left-leaning by today’s standards. He was the one who coined the Military Industrial Complex on his way out.

There were so many Republicans throughout John’s life that all they wanted was lower taxes and apart from that you could do what you wanted. They didn’t want no regulation, but just less regulation. In the late 1960s Merlin’s dad was very involved with the NRA and a bunch of hunting groups, but that was at a time when the NRA was about teaching you how to be safe with a gun and it was about conservation so that you could hunt ducks in the future, too. You got to save the ducks so you could kill them later. Farmers don’t hate cows, they just monetize cows!

One thing that has happened in the last 4 years is that former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pushed us in this direction a lot through his campaign and his supporters, but also the shock and awe of our experience over the last 4 years as a country has brought a lot of establishment Democrats not into a leftist camp, but into a much more combative mentality. This whole business of the courts, the ground game, the electoral college and the sitting Congress, all this stuff is going to be played with a lot more hardball this time, there won’t be the ”roll over and pat my tummy” thing that the Democrats have done for most of John’s adult life, to say: ”We want the library of Congress funded!” No, everybody recognizes what we recognize, which is: ”Do you want the war to start now or do you want the war to start at some point in the very near future?” You don’t sit idly by now.

Breaking the norms

Every time Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi get out there and go: ”Hey, you are not allowed to break norms!” Merlin thinks of a scene in The Holy Grail when one of the knights thinks it is a princess that is being held in the castle, but of course it is the son who wants to sing and one of the guards turns to him and goes: ”Heeeey!” Nancy Pelosi says she has many arrows in her quiver to help with the Supreme Court stuff, but then we never see the quiver, let alone the arrows. Come on, you have a job to do!

During COVID-times Merlin’s family watched the wonderful TV series Veronica Mars a couple of times, which is really good, and in every episode she is doing things like putting a listening device in someone’s office and Merlin’s daughter would say: ”Hey, that is illegal!” - ”Yes, Veronica Mars is committing many federal crimes!” and in the next episode she does it again and again. However often Merlin’s daughter says: ”That is illegal!” it never stopped Veronica Mers, probably because it is an old show and she couldn’t hear her.

The same thing here: Saying: ”You can’t break norms! You can’t do illegal things!” If you got all of those judges in the positions they are and you have been doing what you have just described, a very long theory, a long game of getting all the resources and dungeon masters on your side, they are going to be the ones to decide whether it is illegal and if Congress doesn’t want to chase you down and they just say: ”Okay, we will impeach, but we don’t like it because norms!” you are bringing nothing to a gunfight.

We have seen all our norms destroyed, we need to exploit the fact that there are no norms right now. We have to accomplish our goals and unravel problems, restructure things, we have to eliminate the electoral college, we have to pack the Supreme Court, we have to change the way the Congress works, we have to do all these massive systemic overhauls, but with the goal of re-establishing a new baseline of norms, hopefully make the new norms better and make a new image.

Stop assuming that people will do the right thing! There are a bunch of laws that don’t apply to the president because we never had to sweat that quite so much before. ”Gentlemen’s agreement: Don’t be an asshole!” Trump is a perfect weapon for exploiting the kind of loophole we never anticipated, which is: ”What if a narcissistic theoretical billionaire got into office?” He is literally the only person in federal government who does not have to hew to these laws about not having businesses and doing disclosures. He is constantly reminding us why he doesn’t actually have to do that. Let’s put that in the code!

A lot of more militant people roll their eyes at John because he does not think that the thing to do right now is to destroy Western civilization. He still believes that the constitution is a living document and that within our system there are the powers to restore a new balance. Things should be re-written and this is a great opportunity, but we should not play their game because then they get back in and play their game and then the whole game is theirs.

We have to rebuild and redesign with the end-goal of establishing stable norms. Many establishment people now have a more radical view. They are probably not on the barricades right now because they are still establishment people with mainstream political jobs, but they are ready and have studied and they also know the code.

What was so disappointing about the Obama years was that they were all very smart, they all understood the code, and they were really invested in maintaining the status quo. When Obama got elected we all got the feeling that we are going to rewrite the book, but it didn’t get rewritten. Obama is a lovely man and John wishes he were president now, but there were a lot of lost opportunities and John doesn’t feel like the Biden administration will have the same problem, partly because they were all cauterized by the missed opportunity. Biden - as old as he is - is a different man. John is hopeful, he is a political optimist, and he believes in the American experiment.

Revolutionists will lose their energy after the inauguration of the new administration

Accelerationism is a phrase Merlin learned 5-6 years ago, our own left-wing black pill where we say: ”It is going to get so much worse and we are finally going to have the revolution!” It is a young white man’s game, it is not going to be terrific for anybody but you. If you are an assistant manager at the Best Buy and you want to bring the system down, there is a needle that can be threaded: Look at the junior congress woman from New York: You can have a very assertive and aggressive agenda that doesn’t require being an asshole (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), and you can be charming and funny and all the things that make you effective at your job.

It is not easy and most people are not up to it. Computer programmers don’t get into it because they love people and people join a school board because they care, but you are probably not going to make it through 5-8 elections moving up a ladder without being a cynical person. The great American experiment is still very much possible without burning things down or capitulating to all of our worse angels. The only problem about people who are excited about a revolution is that we still have to hear from any of them what platform they are going to replace the status quo with, other than a platform based on ”Don’t worry about it, we will figure it out!”

If you are going to do better than what we have, then you should be able to present that as a well-described white-paper of: ”Here is what will be better!” and not a piece-meal one because that is working with what we have: You eliminate the electoral college, you do this, you do that, you make modifications using the infrastructure, using the machines that we have in place. If you want to eliminate all that and destroy capitalism, how does it pencil out? Convince me! John is here to be convinced! He is a fucking socialist in every respect! But he has not seen the democratic socialist party present a platform that suggests he would choose it.

Maybe COVID is making us realize that it is time to move some furniture around in terms of how we decide to live our lives. Merlin finds this very important, not only because he doesn’t like going to things, but there is a new level fecundity and softness to what could happen if we do it right! This applies to politics now as well: This is a good time to move some furniture around. John is excited and he thinks that tomorrow’s results are going to be good and in January we are going to have a peaceful transition of power and in the middle there are going to be a lot of Rednecks outside of Friendly’s in Arkansas who are causing problems and some people are going to get hurt.

There is no question that between now and inauguration day people are going to get hurt and John doesn’t relish it, but it is terrible. In 1991 during the run-up to Clinton’s election, the mood on the streets among John and his contemporaries after 8 years of Reagan and 4 years of Bush Senior was very revolutionary. They could not stand for another 4 years of this and there was so much energy that no-one ever talks about, maybe because it was confined to a youthful generation that was small and they didn’t have the airwaves that young people do now.

Clinton got elected and all the revolutionary energy that existed in the run-up to that election just dissipated. It was the energy that was powering what became Grunge and what was powering all of John’s peers to have that cynical attitude. The blood ran out of the Seattle music scene and the youth culture and didn’t really come back. Think about the cultural underground in 1988 or 1990! By 1994 what was the fucking underground? John was there! One dog-eared copy of Research Magazine and Hillary Clinton’s attempt to print out a card for healthcare (see Clinton Health Care Plan, also here), people were so mad that Hillary was involved at all, but also they got so bogged down in this misguided thing!

We learned everything we needed to know about Trump when the very first week of his presidency was all about the crowd size at his inauguration and that became a touch stone for the rest of his administration. The mainstream centrist failings of the early days of the Clinton administration: He was the opposite of Eisenhower in the sense that he is much closer to a center-right person. He had Boomer arrogance already in his 40s instead of now in their late 60s. They thought that because they went to Ivy League schools that they could sweep in and it was going to be easy for them.

John thinks that in the period between election day and inauguration is going to be a terrible time, but when the inauguration happens it is going to bring peace back, because the Boogaloos and the Proud Boys don’t have anything behind them, they are bags of hot air. They think they are a vanguard of a national movement to make a white homeland, but they are not. We always had weirdos and nuts in this country, but now they are wearing flowered shirts and they are ruining that for us, too! They are young people, they have Macklemore haircuts and they think they are bad-ass.

They are going to rise up for sure and November and December are going to suck, they are going to be driving around in their trucks and framing people’s yards, doing donuts with the flags on their trucks, toilet-papering the White House, but when there is a new administration… They don’t have any support in the actual fat middle of America.

There are a lot of Lindsey Grahams in this world and Mitch McConnells who have an agenda and are more than happy to accept the support of these dingelings, but they are not going to step up in the way that the president has to defend them or to welcome them. Merlin hopes they are both not wrong about things, but it is just a bunch of fucking edgelords, like that guy who shot the people in Wisconsin, they arrested him and he cried and barfed and he was so sad because he shot these people and he was going to be in big trouble, he was in Dutch now with the man. These guys are not fucking Navy SEALS, they are just fucking overstimulated onanists and that is not the basis for a political cause that is going to have any kind of…

John has talked a lot about the White Supremacist movements that were happening in Washington and Northern Idaho in the early 1990s, Tom Metzger and all those people, and Hayden Lake Idaho (Aryan Nations). That was very present in the Punk Rock scene because there has always been that problem of racist skin heads vs non-racist skin heads. Skinhead and Ska - Attorneys at Law

Everybody, take care of yourself! We love you, people! It is going to suck, people are going to get hurt, keep your heads down!

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