RL336 - A Deck of Life

This week, Merlin and John talk about:

The Problem: Only futures can know, referring to them talking about how people in the future will look back at us now.

The show title refers to shuffling more than just a deck of cards, but a deck of life.

This episode was pre-recorded on 2019-05-06.

They start the show making funny voices. ”With the summer times approaching one must sometimes alter one’s schedules quite egregiously such that one pre-records episodes of one’s podcast, and as the time stretches out into the horizon one might find that episodes were recorded further and further in the murky past!”

John was having some kind of a neurological incident. This episode is pre-recorded, other episodes may be increasingly pre-recorded and if stuff happens in the world Merlin doesn’t want to sound insensitive and he doesn’t want to get cancelled because they said something.

Merlin is still reading Slaughterhouse-Five (by Kurt Vonnegut) and she got to the lampshade part. Billy Pilgrim is unstuck in time. Maybe you haven’t learned the full ways of the Tralfamadorians and it is all going to seem super-confusing?

Draft version
The segments below are drafts that will be incorporated into the rest of the Wiki as time permits.

Recording an evergreen episode (RL336)

During the entire 15-year history of this program (actually 8-year) they have never really addressed current events. They are trying to keep the big world outside at bay, but sometimes it finds purchase and plants its seed. Many years ago Merlin introduced John to the concept of Evergreen in which it doesn’t matter when you listen to this show and in what order, even 25 years from now.

Merlin and John are not just talking about what was on TV today, a rule which they have broken, but if you want to learn about Uncle Licky (see RL36) in the year 2100 you can do that without the need to be up on current events because it is not 9/11 contingent. Podbot (?) will elevate all the necessary information and maybe even do the organizing for you, but don’t let it do too much of the organizing because you need to listen to all of these programs. You still could listen to them in order and people do!

Merlin is not saying this show is like The Bible, but if you jump into Merlin 3:16 or into 1st John 4:7 & 8 (Bible Quote, also lyrics by Debby Kerner and Ernie Rettino), you could be jumping into a Kings without an Exodus. It is like going to the ball game without a program: You don’t know what to expect. You might get a Judges just because you want to find out what happens with the Samson thread. It would be useful for new listeners to have a little bit fill-in with the backstory and Merlin is not sure if Podbot (?) is going to be able to bubble that up.

Who are the Kings of this show? They have John’s parents, practically his whole family. Who is Jason Finn? Lola is definitely large in the mythology and she is one of the top kings (see RL44). People may not know Lola because they are here for Samson and they never got to Lola. Is a Dead Rubber Girl (see RL21) a king? She might be a king or least a Duchess.

Reordering the vignettes of all the episodes

John is wishing for a scientific method that could take every episode and somehow cleave it so that each vignette of an episode was its own thing. It would gather the moss, the threads, the tendrils from within an episode, take them out through digitalis, and bring them all together so that the contiguous story was told within an excerpt.

Then you would take all of the excerpts which would have to be manipulated in order to capture them. They would have to be made memetic and atomic because they are all tendrillic throughout one another. There would be a bespoke digitalis that would be useful in gathering the tendrils as well as the body, and you would then be able to interact with that.

Futurelings will look back on this in the same way we look back and say: ”Hypertext was a very simple idea! You click a thing and go to another thing”, but you are talking about way more than that! It is an entire dynamic 4-90 environment that somebody could interact in and be able to really explore the space.

Would it work if you then threw them all in the air and mixed them all together, not as episodes, but as vignettes? You would recombine them and unfold their tendrils so that their tendrils interacted with other tendrils of other things that happened unrelated to them in space and time. Could you create a new past, a digitalic recombination? You would not be only shuffling a deck of cards, but a deck of life! There is also a deck of Rottles (?) that have created a world view. If they mixed it up, would it create the same world view? Would the world change? Would their perceived identities change?

Merlin and John are talking about stories, about stories on top of stories, and about stories that capitulate stories. If you alphabetize your books it doesn’t change the books! If you took the four books of the trilogy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… (John dropped out of the Skype call and Merlin inserted some funny effects) They might have caused a tear and fucked some shit up because they know already too much. They are talking about a thing that only futures can know, like ”Who wrote Shakespeare’s plays?” - ”It wasn’t Shakespeare, but a different guy with the same name!". John got that quote wrong, he might have heard if from Ken Jennings (see OM155) Merlin thinks it was Christopher Marlowe who said it.

Who was Merlin Mann?

At a certain point the question ”Who was Merlin Mann?” is going to be raised by someone and the mistake they are going to make is that they are going to try and take all of the Siracusa, the Max Tempkin, the Lonely Sandwich (Adam Lisagor) and the John Roderick out because they think it is not relevant to who Merlin Mann is. We do that all the time: We say that we are not really looking for the letters that Franklin Delano Roosevelt got from people, and we are only looking at the letters he wrote, not at the letters he got, but if you only read the Socrates side of the dialog it is not a dialog anymore! Many times they named it after the person he was talking to while he was sitting on a couch, eating grapes and getting a handy. Some of the people Socrates talked to were surely pretty clever.

There is going to be a future where someone is sitting at the library at Yale in this weird big cube in the middle of the old campus that doesn’t belong there, and they have one elbow on a Gutenberg bible and they are going to be trying to figure out "Who is Merlin Mann?" They are going to use their technology, they are going to pull out all the tendrils, and they feed them all together. They are going to put together a kind of line reading and they are going to put together what we call an AI, some kind of Sun-God, a hologram that is probably going to have a mustache, it is probably growing its hair out right now, and it is going to have Merlin’s manners and words, but is there a way we can take the Merlin out and it is a full Merlin?

Articles being bloated with story

Futurelings are going to be able to ask for a really good recipe for a mushroom sauce and it will tell them the ingredients and how to cook it, but it will not have a story for 11 paragraphs before it gets to the recipe. Merlin would really look forward to a future like that! He just wants to make some mushrooms and he really doesn’t want to know about your porch.

John has never skimmed as much as he skims now. ”Less talk, more Rock!” (see RL49, WDFS radio station) Just get to the part where you are talking about the thing! John is reading a book right now about a medical condition by virtue of the author having the medical condition and he is fascinated by their stories and their struggles, but there are whole big sections where they are trying to establish a setting and John doesn’t want a setting established.

That is why The Lives of a Cell is such a thin volume. The man took his wife for a hat. These are not thick books. Travels with Charley? You get in, you get out! These are not ”Of Mice and Men”s or ”Of Mices and Men” These are zippedidoodahs! The question is if Virtual Merlin will be a thin volume. Is he a kind man and a righteous man? Merlin is getting increasingly uncomfortable by John talking so much about him.

Future AI answering the questions

A dum dum from the current time may ask their computer for all the things about John and traveling and they can have some basic taxonomy to pull that together, but a smart AI in the future is going to say: ”Phhht! What do you mean by traveling?” That is the sound of the man working on the chain gang (lyrics of Chain Gang by Sam Cooke). A couple of years later it might even ask: ”What do you mean by John?” It is the Ship of Theseus because John might have been rebooted by the UFOs (see RL331) who knows how many times! Maybe John will have worked himself up the ladder and will already be a Lieutenant Colonel anchorman? Merlin doesn’t know the answer, but he can wonder and speculate.

Maybe John should have been born as a pair of ragged claws that are scuttling across the floor of silent seas? Should you eat a peach? Maybe they will know! ”I grow old … I grow old … I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.” (The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot) Will there be a time in the future where John actually is the director of the CIA for a time? It wouldn't even require a multiverse, but it could be in this verse. They could combine it and re-combine it and they would just employ it.

Does Jonathan Coulton need to be on the JoCo Cruise?

We already know that Jonathan Coulton doesn’t need to be on the Jonathan Coulton cruise. Most people don’t care anymore if he is there because half of the people on the JoCo Cruise don’t even know who he is. He could appear on a screen and be animated like the guys in the Money for Nothing video (by Dire Straits) and he could say ”Welcome to the J J J J JoCo cruise!” and people would be ”Yeah! Quick! To the gaming rooms!”

You could be a bad enough parent that you are going to let your child play football and get them into Pop Warner football, setting aside whether that is a good idea, but Pop Warner died in 1954, but we still have his football! Talk about a ship of Theseus! It is a football of Warner and the kids are still out there getting the brain damage. You don’t need Pop Warner for that!

We say it is Melvillian when somebody is fighting a white whale. Sure, Herman Melville died probably in the 1700s (Herman Melville died 1891, but Melvillian relates to Andrew Melville who died 1622), but you could ask your computer to give you all the Queequeg and in a very woke future you might not even call it homoeroticism anymore, but you could just ask for the native loves or for the bed-sharing. If you take the Queequeg out, do you get a picture of Queequeg? All you changed was the mast, is it still a ship? It is surprising how often they change the mast!

Merlin Beeblebrox, Merlin Island

At some point in the future there is probably a family who will call their spawn for Merlin Beeblebrox and when he is a certain age he will ask why they named him Merlin. They will introduce him to his namesake and a hologram, a robot or an actual clone is going to come through the curtain and say: ”Hi, I am Merlin!” Every kid is going to have one of these pet Merlins that are going to be full of Merlin’s wisdom. Merlin is getting really uncomfortable at this point and he hopes it is going to be a girl. Also, John is a much nicer name!

Future Merlin is going to be flipping 3x5 cards at this kid, and there might be whole schools where John is going to walk around in some form with his hands behind his back. Every time somebody asks him a question he will say: ”Well…” and words will come out like a word salad. It could have nothing to do with anything John actually said. What is even virtual? That is their word! What does it mean to stop being virtual and start getting real? We are basically dealing with sticks and stones and breaking bones! Are they going to have USB-drives? No, it will all be saved on Platinum records!

In most situations in Science Fiction we know who the clones are because they are wearing a white Army suit that allows you to shoot them with impunity, but if you are a replicant, the Blade Runners can tell because they give you the Voight-Kampff test. They ask you some questions about your family and you will get all agitated and turn the desk over. They say things like ”Is that a real snake?” and you will be like ”Pfffft!” What if you are just living amongst clones that are just as real as you? Merlin would be interacting throughout the academy as a virtual real-ish being.

What if one of these islands that is shaped like a palm tree in Dubai is called Merlin Isle, everyone on that island is Merlin, and snorks can go there as a visit? It could be a stop on the JoCo Cruise, they could stop there for 4 hours at Problematic Island and go to Merlin town on Merlin island. There are Merlins of all stripes. There is a Merlin in charge, there are super-poor Merlins who are just living on the edge, there are rich Merlins who are lording it over everybody, and everybody you talk to is some iteration of Merlin. They are all real, they are flesh and blood, they die, and they can scuttle across the ocean floor. No, they can’t because they could get to other island if they could do that, so there has got to be some limitations on them.

If you were in New York City in the year 2600, wouldn’t you want to have the opportunity every once in a while to run into a Merlin? Merlin would rather not, he can barely take the one! John wants the version of Merlin that has a vintage Air Force jacket and the first mustache. Merlin has almost that same hair now, he looked almost like Dread Pirate Roberts and John is surprised he didn’t cast in that role.

Moments snap together like magnets (Equus by Peter Shaffer)! We are living in a time where their access to any kind of digitalis is going to be very non-tendril. You get what you get and don’t be upset! In New York City 2600 you are going to sit next to a Merlin on the subway and he is going to be like: ”Quip! Quipididooddah!” while he is trying fartide (?) ”Was that a Hegel joke? I don’t know!”

Future virtual AI John

John’s psychiatrist asked him why he can’t be happy and John replied that it is because he can never achieve his goals. His role model is Descartes, but did Descartes know he was Descartes while he was alive? He was surely of two minds about it!

If some recombinant John ends up being the retired director of the CIA, will that be John’s accomplishment? Pop Warner never knew he was going to be Pop Warner, but we still credit being Pop Warner to Pop Warner. If John is retired director of the CIA in some future form, of course it will be credited to John now and not to John then. It is like when they raise your jersey up in the rafters. That is the only reason Descartes is Descartes. He was fine in his day, but he surely had disputes with his people, he surely owed some money and ladies would sometimes say ”You are an asshole!” Merlin claims nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole, but John is sure they did and people called him an asshole all the time!

Would it be posthumous if it was only virtual and if John was only reality-dead? That would not technically be posthumous, also: humous! What if John was never buried, would it still be posthumous? What if they put his head in a jar or put his dick in a box? What if all the ways that John could be made were eternal? Who gets the credit? Who gets the ribbon? Will it be white? It has to be! The question is if this is going to be helpful to John now, sitting in a basement room. Should he be buttoning his shirt because the future is watching? Should he be putting on pants because the future is conscious of the fact that Merlin is Pop Warner or John is Pop Warner?

Merlin has had a tab open in his browser for 1.5 hours with the Wikipedia page for The Hedgehog and the Fox. In the virtual future or the realistic past they are going to be able to know that this is something Merlin thought about saying to John and they are going know whether or not that would have been a good idea, even if it didn’t happen. This is the kind of digitalis-interpolation that you can do once you understand that alphabetizing does not change the book. There are people in our own day in the world who can tell you that John has never mentioned The Hedgehog vs the Fox.

There are also the ”you left out…” and the ”you forgot about…” people. John gets those all the time! Recently he was talking about Lord Cardigan and about Lord Vestibule (see OM150) and somebody said: ”You forgot about the Lord of Thrones!” John did not actually forget him, but they were dancing around, and let me show you my cutting room floor! ”Even if I didn’t think of that, believe me, I thought of it!” Editing is knowing what you didn’t even think about and then not doing the thing you didn’t think about. People can tell you that now, even using something as seemingly simple as Twitter. Can you imagine what is going to happen once they got those tendrils in a virtual box?

One could just do a super-cut of all the times Merlin and John were trying to think of a word and couldn’t. It is probably already done and is part of another supercut where they talk about things that are notional and that they didn’t remember not having happened. It is all going to be on a reel because there is no reel. They don’t need a reel anymore! What is a reel? Were you going to tape it? No, you are not going to splice it together and cut out the parts that are bad! There is no editing room floor because they don’t have floors anymore, what are you talking about? Is it an orb? Is it a fog? If it is not here, does it matter? Is it water?

Whales and Tunas, John exploring the world under water

Are we in water and we don’t even realize it because we are fish? When we throw something away, where is away? Will we even have away anymore? We know that whales pop up, which is Melvillian, which means the whales know that there is an ocean and a sky. They know that there are people up here, doing all kinds of shit, and some whales surely wonder why and want to get up and check out all that stuff like jet skis. They see airplanes, they know what is going on, and people are talking to them all the time. They know where the nets are and where the little Chucky Dolls that are floating on the ocean come from. They know that there is a whole universe because unlike a pig they can look up!

If John were a whale in the ocean he would be on his way from one place to another because sometimes he wants to be in the sun and sometimes he wants to have food. Most of the time there is nothing going on where the whales are, but once in a while they go through a shipping channel and see boats all around them. They have done this enough times that they know about shipping channels. They know that Holland America is going back and forth between Curaçao and Miami and not between Monte Video and Casablanca. The whales are not only conscious of the Chucky Dolls and the airplanes and the fact that we sometimes are going around them in jet skis, going ”Hey!”, but they also know other things about us that we are not even thinking about and we wouldn’t even know to look for.

There is a video with whales caught in a fishing net coming over to some hippies in a boat. The hippies realize that the whale is caught in a fishing net and they go into action mode, trying to cut the whale free. The whale is moving around to let them do it and when they finally free it they are proud they have just freed a whale from a fishing net and the whale does a bunch of flaps and swaps and schnicks and schnacks, like a little thank-you dance, being super hip to what is happening.

"Is a tuna?" [sic] A tuna is 100 years old, but does a tuna ever poke its head out of the water? John doesn’t think it does. Maybe the hippies cutting the whale out of the net is the setup of a long grift, a long con? Con stands for confidence, from the Latin, not to confuse with ComiCon, which is its own kind of con, or Madeline Kahn, who is not a con. It could be a setup and they are cutting the net, the whale is going to do a dance and they are pals, at least that is what it seems like for now. If tuna [sic], then that is 100 years of solitude, unless you decide to do it differently, in which case saints can’t dance. You don’t know what is going to happen with that tuna! 15 is your limit on Schnitzengruben (song by Cleavon Little and Madeline Kahn, merch)! How would we even know?

Are you a tuna or a whale? Are you popping up? It is like The Hedgehog and the Fox: Are you asking why? Are you looking around? Are you conscious of the airplanes in the sky? A whale has got to wonder more than a tuna. Is a tuna equivalent to someone driving a Dodge Ram 3500, puling a trailer with two jet-skis on it and a whale is driving a classic Volvo 121S, or a 142 with some bumper stickers on the back espousing a thing they are not 100% confident about because a whale can see an airplane, it can guess about an airplane, but it can’t ever know what it is like to be in a airplane. Merlin is not that into cars, but he worries that he is a tuna and fears that he is a whale.

What is sky for whale? When whale looks up, sky is not this! There haven’t been that many people apart from John who have ever even been under water. John has spent some time hanging out under water, but he never for a second believed that he was the turtle. He wasn’t playing at turtle and he still had to go back to land and sky. John did belong, but he wasn’t turtle. In the fullness of time, it is physiology or physics, something from the Greek. All the good y-words are Greek with a question in the middle.

John is learning things by being under water where no man has been near turtle, but when he rises and is coming out of water time how is he going to be regarding the world? John can still be thinking about the water time even though he is living in the sky areas. That is the kind of thing that other people will be able to explore in deeper detail. They are going to be able to make the connections that Merlin and John from time to time struggle to make, or they make them, but wonder if they are right. They are not made of stone! They are not afraid of making a connection! Who is to say if they actually made the connection and if it actually clicked?

People in the future being contiguous

There are hardly any movies of John’s dad. Maybe there are a couple of Super-8 and a couple of video on some Hi8-tapes that he probably can’t read anymore, but there are videos galore of John and Merlin. What if they are not only on the other side of the Wikipedia divide, but what if they are contiguous like in a dressing room of an old-fashioned department store when you close the mirrors on either side and look to infinity? What if there is always a Merlin now and the world is never without a Merlin from now on? There might be a future in which some people are not reflected in the mirror. Hopefully John’s dad hasn’t been lost Tears in Rain because of the Super-8! The tech problem for now is going to be part of the jam-up.

The techs right now are busy building and disrupting. Even though there is a perfectly good thing, they will come in and screw it up. Today John got an email from Digital Tip Jar. They were a pre-Patreon Patreon, like a MySpace. They had a slightly not-as-good idea than the Patreon people and when the Patreon people came they had the same idea, except slightly different, and people decided to use that and not the other thing. Digital Tip Jar tried to get John to join their thing 5 or 6 years ago and the idea was that you tell people to tip you if they like your thing. It didn’t catch on and now they sent this email saying that as of May whatever they are closing down Google Chat or whatever (the service shut down on June 30th 2019).

Most of the people John knows are not on the interwebs like Merlin and John are who are pretty darn online. They are not 100% online, for example Merlin doesn’t put selfies in his cell phone and people barely see him, but they know him. 99% of John’s friends are not going to be contiguous, but in the future? Who knows! Based on the tech we have now, John doesn’t think his dad is going to be tech-surrected. They can’t fix John’s tape, they can just make stuff that breaks faster.

John doesn’t even care about them because Skynet is self-aware and they built a thing that they don’t know what the thing is because they don’t ask why. Theirs is but to do and die (poem The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson)! They are just coming up with digital tip-jars and they don’t even realize that they have animated the Golem.

Ben Gibbard for example is very famous and there is a lot of video of him, but 99.99% of it is him playing Champagne From a Paper Cup (song by Death Cab for Cutie) on stage at a big thing with a light show and fog. Although he is more famous than Merlin and John, he is not going to be contiguous except in the sense that he is always going to be playing Champagne From a Paper Cup. In the movie industry that is what they have coverage for. Shooting lots of coverage is going to have an impact on how contiguous someone ends up being.

Ben Beeblebrox of 2500 will wonder why his name is Ben and his parents will introduce him to his namesake Ben Gibbard who is going to walk on stage and play Champagne From a Paper Cup because that is all they have. He is going to do the dance, the thing with his hips (see RL276), but he is not going to walk in and tell them about the time he tongue-kissed a parrot (see RL21 when John got french-kissed by a cockatiel).

Which kid is going to know about tongue-kissing a parrot? John or Ben Beeblebrox? Only one of them! They don’t even need to pass it on in a so-called future memory, because both John and Merlin are contiguous. There will always be Merlin!

When Ben took Merlin and John to MC Hammer’s birthday party at the Java Room (see RL255), Willie Brown was there to whom Merlin said ”Hello!” at House of Prime Rib once and he was very nice. Merlin said ”Thank you for your service!” - ”Mhmm!”, he is the former Mayor of San Francisco and a sharp dresser. MC Hammer announced a few years ago that he had a new project as a tech investor and he said: ”I’m MC Hammer and I am going to introduce the YouTube of Dance videos!”, which on the face of it sounds pretty cool, but then people pointed out to him that there is already a YouTube of Dance Videos and it is called YouTube.

Is somebody going to be able to access that quote? We have plenty of Ben Gibbard doing that thing with the stomp box. (see RL279), but will they have a way to fold that in so that you can take the many decks of cards in life that have been dispersed and give yourself a Full House? As a virtual Futureling you will know what MC Hammer 2600 means and make that connection, but Merlin doesn’t know if this is going to be possible if Ben Gibbard is not contiguous. He might be the weak link. Certainly John’s dad has been covered enough that they at least can make him into a Disney-level animatronic. He would be like Abraham Lincoln, going: ”I don’t know! What the fuck! Get out of here!”

Even someone we know as well as Jennifer Lopez: Contiguous Jennifer Lopez in the future is going to be able to rate your dancing, like some kind of prison guard who ends up being an accomplice to some crimes. She will be able to tell you how to get out of a trunk in a way that she couldn’t in 1998. She has seen some stuff, she is going to get in and out of the backs of expensive cars with sunglasses on and with Ben Affleck, trying to avoid paparazzi pictures. At one point she is going to be at Bakshi Karaoke with the British guy and she is going to tell a couple of stories about stuff. She is very forthcoming about her boyfriends, but we will never really going to know Jennifer Lopez, not the way we know Merlin.

Can it be like a virtual intelligence food court? Andy Rooney is not going to be contiguous, but we do have ample footage of him sitting at a desk talking about things that upset him. You can watch him get really flustered about rubber bands. If you are building a virtual Andy Rooney in the future you will have to fill in the gaps and figure out what he would do at home. You can extrapolate some of that, like: ”Argh, what is the deal with these silverwares?”, but in order to flesh him out you need other stuff. You know he is going to be mad about how the TV works. Maybe the future will throw Andy Rooney and Mickey Rooney together into one. We only need one!

But how do you fill in the gaps with Jennifer Lopez? She is so positive, how do you make her mad? You will have to fill her in with filler that is coming from somebody else. You don’t want to fill in Jennifer Lopez’s missing quadrants with Mickey Rooney, that would be like restoring a painting wrong. What do you do? Rosie Perez? On the surface, yes, but when you put those two together: No! Why not throw in some Rita Moreno? That will fix it! Wait a minute! That is a little bit racist! She is an EGOT or a pre-God! When you are talking about Jennifer Lopez, Rita Moreno and a little bit of Rosie Perez, John is starting to get very interested in this person. There is a lot of footage available and you could put a little Gina Lollobrigida in there, but now this is the wrong game.

The thing about contiguous Merlin is that we already know what happens in his kitchen because he has told us! We know how Merlin feels about desk drawers and rubber bands and how important it is for him that he leaves at a certain time in order to get to school on time. There is almost nothing we don’t know including that contiguous Merlin is not going to want you to know about him! It is too late to change it, because all you can do is add, you cannot subtract. It is like a Hydra: You break one glass and suddenly you got six more and you are more contiguous.

Contiguous John is going to be okay. He is going to be primitive because a lot of it is on Skype. John wasn’t using the right microphone for a while and people are going to be mad about the sound quality, although that is going to be replaceable. You can do upsampling on the reality we got, like Donald Rumsfeld said: You go to virtual reality with the digitalis you got, not the one that you prefer (see this quote).

The first time Merlin ever called John for their podcast John was sitting at some desktop computer, the phone rang, John turned it on and it was a video podcast. Merlin said: ”Nah, nah, turn it off! Stop it!” - ”What? What? What?” - ”Turn the video off! I do not want to see you!” and John turned it off, but what if he hadn’t? Now John is beyond the monoverse, he could be some place else, or they could be into a whole other level of future Merlin. They are only going to put Merlin together out of 15 snapshots on Flickr of him holding some Pirate’s Booty (see RL260 and this image).

When it comes to John they will have more to work with, but here is the glitch: Contiguous Merlin is going to have lots of smart things to say, but he is going to look really choppy, like an 8-bit Mario where they were trying to use a smart-fill, but had to pixelate and do whatever the opposite of an unsharp mask is. Merlin is constantly going to be bending down, going: ”Help me Obi Wan! You are my only hope!”, but if they improve it, it won’t actually make it better, you just add more rats. Merlin is going to be leaning down, saying ”We need to leave at 8:22am, it is now 8:25am”, and that is how it began: Poetry Week!

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