RL272 - Graham is beautiful

This week, Merlin and John talk about:

  • The worst year in history (Factoids)
  • John wanting a Norwegian Forest Cat (Pets)
  • Things John has been afraid of in regards to his daughter (Daughter)
  • Merlin's cat (Merlin Mann)
  • John's daughter only wants games with a narrative (Daughter)
  • John's daughter's boyfriend Graham (Daughter)
  • Old children's books today (Children)

The problem: None of the Aidans were interested, referring to kids in John’s daughters class who didn’t want to play her narratives. John calls all the other kids Aidan during this episode.

The show title refers to John’s daughter’s boyfriend whom John finds beautiful both on the outside and the inside.

The holiday season is really taking it out on Merlin. So much blow-back for that Moana-costume! Merlin had made too many remarks about the Virgin Mary. An angry cold baby, but warm from inside, claimed to be God, and came after him.

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