RL258 - Ambition Hour

This week, Merlin and John talk about

  • Sahm’s backstory from Cambodia (House)
  • Sahm's body control (House)
  • Organizing things and projects around the house (House)
  • How movies from the 1970 hold up (Movies)
  • 2017-September: John’s birthday (Currents)
  • 2017-September: John going to the doctor (Currents)
  • 2017-September: Make all the Hamburgers (Food and Drink)
  • John starting a new podcast (Podcasting)
  • John building a new podcasting studio (Podcasting)

The Problem: ”What constitutes a good cake?”, referring to the disagreement in John’s family about what is a good cake and what isn’t.

The show title refers to the hours after midnight when you start projects that you will never finish.

Merlin did not make enough coffee today and continues to make coffee on the show.

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