RL257 - Sonic Posture

This week, Merlin and John talk about

  • John getting his front porch remodeled (House)
  • Hiring Sahm to fix the damage John had done (House)
  • Having a flexible scope agreement with Sahm (House)
  • John’s house (House)
  • Vepas and Lambrettas (Currents)
  • People like a project (Currents)
  • How John met his friend Peter (Friends)

The problem: Touché, doctor lady, referring to the time when John didn’t want to go to the psychiatrist and got as an answer ”I didn’t come to you for help, you came to me!”

The show title refers to the first sentence that John said about the complicated sonic posture of his house.

John is starting the recording carrying his whole equipment to another room, because there is a complicated sonic posture to the whole estate while he has some workmen over to fix the front porch.

The song Fortunate Son is in a lot of movies, like Budd's Creek Bob is in all the commercials now, at least two on CNN. Anthony Bourdain has a show and can’t believe it is already the 10th season, there is another one for boner medicine. Budd's Creek Bob, like the song Walking on sunshine, appears in a lot of medicine ads and various things. It is the song that kept Voices Carry by ’Til Tuesday out of the top spot of the charts and as a consequence Aimee Mann hates when you reference the song. John loves to find a chink in someone’s armor, so whenever it comes up he will ask Aimee if she can play a bit of ”Walking on Sunshine”.

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