RL252 - The Ur-Choad

This week, Merlin and John talk about

The Problem: "Writhing is rare", referring to them talking about migranes and headaches and that it is quite rare that you are writhing.

The show title referrs to Jesse James in a motorcycle show with Sandra Bullock where he was not only a real chode, but the ur-chode, the first of them all.

It is really early, John woke up singing 867-5309. Merlin usually has 2 or 3 songs in his head when he wakes up, like a little mini-stroke. He just thinks about the first part of the songs. As soon as the lyrics start you can go to the next song because you got the feel for it. Teaspoon by The Long Winters! John still gets in a lot of trouble for that song in the music press who feel like he didn't say enough. You get in a closet with headphones and close your eyes and listen to John's work. Everybody should have one music closet in the house.

Merlin had one hell of a day. The roofers are still there having loud jovial conversations and grinding a giant tar bucket around. Tar is just liquid dinosaurs. They discuss if people were alive at the same time as dinosaurs, because how would we otherwise know dinosaurs existed?

Merlin watched Dead Sheron on TV last night and got mad. This is one of his day-and-date shows where he forced his wife to get into it by making her watch some recaps. They were both still angry when they woke up in the morning. He has been really successful in his attempts to get to bed by 23:00pm. Tonight he woke up at 1:00am with a huge migraine. He usually urinates between 3:00am and 5:00am and that's when the trouble starts and he gets into bonus sleep / double bonus sleep / triple bonus sleep.

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