RL250 - Disaster Coffee

This week, Merlin and John talk about

The Problem: "Fudge", referring to John's observation that there is no good way to say the word "Fudge" in any accent.

The show title refers to John's mom's instant coffee that she keeps for emergencies and that has now been moved to John's house after she sold her's.

Merlin is struggling for breath because there are at least 4 revelations this week:

  • John is drinking instant coffee
  • John has an Amazon Echo
  • John's mom sold her house
  • John's relationship with his millennial girlfriend has ended

John's daughter has picked up saying "What the… " from him, without knowing what the next word is.

They banter about the difference between a ding dong, a dingeling, a dipshit and a jackass.

Scott Simpson gave John a Japanese ear cleaner and he gave Merlin some sponges (factoids).

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