RL248 - Hubris of the Moment

This week, Merlin and John talk about

The problem: "How would we even know?", referring to some extensive banter about science and things we don't yet understand.

The show title is referring to the feeling that history stops with us and we are at peak understanding.

Merlin let John sleep in today. John was up until 04:30am in the morning again, because he made the wrong choices and had a piece of chocolate cake for late night dinner snack at 11:00pm. Without it he goes to sleep like a normal person, but now it just feels like he ate a huge slice of chocolate cake and flies across the night on his wings of destiny. Merlin finds it hard to sleep into the daylight part of the day. John doesn't mind that and doesn't even care when hearing carpenters outside, because they always start early and nobody can demand from you to go up as early as they do.

Merlin doesn't want to go into the topics of magic or time travel. He recently he saw a headline about the feeling when you know somebody is looking at you. John uses that power every time by looking at people in a crowd and waiting for them to look back at him. He shoots his mind bullets or mind paintballs at them.

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