RL246 - Night Burrito

This week, Merlin and John talk about

The problem: "John was their weekend", referring to the time when John went out with friends drinking heavily every night, while his friends only got drunk once a week when they were with John.

The show title referrrs to a burrito John had a couple of weeks ago at 02:00 in the morning in Portland, Oregon (see also RW65).

John was in a hurry and had barely time to get read for the show. During the show they banter shortly about the first album by Patton Oswalt.

John recommends a website called folkstreams.net, "a national preserve of documentary films about American Roots Cultures". Merlin recommends in particular Talking Feet and then John banters a while about Bronx Irish at the Rampart.

A loyal listener to the show from Portland runs an operation called Strange Vacation, a motorcycle lifestyle and clothing company for women. She sent John a link to thelightphone.com, a phone the size of a credit card with just numbers on it. It is connected to your regular phone and listens to the same number, so you can leave your smartphone at home while you can still be reached and call the 10 people you most frequently call. You can not text or do anything else on it.

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