RL245 - An Ongoing Situation

This week, Merlin and John talk about

The Problem: "Orange was John's favorite color", referring to a story where he was able to buy long sleeve t-shirts on sale in virtually any color of the 1980:s

The show title refers to a story where John walked into an ongoing argument between a married couple about the ins and outs of organizing cutlery in the dishwasher.

Today was background noise day on the show. The Cougars of The Washington State College were rehabilitating Jamaica's House across the street and have one of those Mini CATs out there. Furthermore, airplane season had started big time and everybody who has a plane is getting out there. There was a Paraguayan demonstration team flying by right before they started recording.

John was going to bed after 5am the day before, because he was doing dumb things, like watching the movie Starlag 17. Even though he can go to bed, he often does not want to. John frequently pushes his sleep envelope all the way into the other day, but nowadays he has things to do during the day, making this behavior more difficult.

Once in a while, comedians are funny, but comedians having podcasts with other comedians are usually not funny. Merlin knows people working at libraries who are more funny than comedians and John counters that he knows people cleaning libraries who are funnier. Jonathan Coulton is a funny guy, but he is not a comedy person. Joel McHale (from the "All the great shows" story) and Chris Hardwick are funny guys. Chris is handsome, but he is a small guy, maybe 1.2 Dan Benjamins. But isn't the Dan Benjamin a unit of heat that can be converted to Kilojoules?

Merlin talks about Nike Dynasties sneakers that he loved and John has some strange flashbacks that he was envy of them at the time. They banter about starting a Kickstarter to let Nike make them again.

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