RL244 - Super Cartoid

This week, Merlin and John talk about

  • microphone technique and music recording (Music)
  • Words for your private parts and complimenting people's butt (Factoids)
  • A short recap of the history of butt-lifting jeans (Style)
  • Becoming a bush pilot and having a plan to make $1 million (Dreams and Fantasies)
  • Optimism (Personality)
  • The Alaskan Lifestyle (Currents)
  • Making a record off of Kickstarter (Music)

The problem: "Everybody thinks about their butt", referring to the conversation they had about different words for people's private parts.

The show title refers to a type of microphone that Merlin is talking about in the first segment of the show, but misspelled.

Merlin is peppy today, looking at the bright side of life. A good recommendation is to look at the chimneys and not at the ground. It will cheer you up!

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