RL242 - Mr. Jingle-Jangle

This week, Merlin and John talk about:

  • The trouble with Merlin's computer and the fact he had several computers in the past (Merlin Mann)
  • Cutting the ends off the roast and all our old habits that have lost their reason (see below)
  • John is questioning his way to fret a G chord (Music)
  • Social sciences and (Politics)
  • Cleaning up his house (Objects)
  • The legacy of his dad's slides (Parents)

The Problem: John is the memory thief. This refers to John not wanting to pick out the slides that mean anything from his dad's old slide carousels, because then he would destroy their context and he would then be the memory thief.

The show title refers to one of the people John asked about how to fret a G chord and the way they used to play guitar.

John has changed the way he arranges the dishes in his dishwasher. He also flipped the way his toilet paper roll is orientated after he got some backlash from the Internet that he was doing it wrong.

Cutting the ends off the roast: The child asks her mom: Why do you cut the ends off the roast before you put it in the pan? It is because her mom did it. But it turns out, her mom cut the end off the roast because they had a small pan and the roast would not fit with the ends on.

In some banter in the middle of the show, Merlin points out two very powerful quotes:

  • "Everybody has a plan until they got punched in the mouth" - Mike Tyson
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