RL241 - Some Corgi Movement

This week, Merlin and John talk about:

  • The glacier history of the Seattle region (Geography)
  • California drought, coal mining in Seattle and the Flaming Geyser Park (Geography)
  • Millennial and Baby Boomer ideology (Generations)
  • The purpose of the church in modern days (Humanities)
  • Handball fields and other outdoor sports areas (Sports)
  • The worst night of his life (Stories)
  • Girls (Personal Development)

The Problem: John is seeking pixies, referring to a type of girl from the movies.

The reference of the show title is unknown until now, but a Corgi is a dog.

The show starts with some banter about music. Merlin says that Queen just gets better with age and their strongest work from the mid-70:s sounds really fresh and still holds up great, like Killer Queen or Somebody to Love. John agrees.

Merlin then talks about the documentary Hip-Hop Evolution. He explains that Grandmaster Flash invented most of what we today consider Turntablism and watching the film threw Merlin right back. Hip-Hop was an early melting pot in music culture. Everybody could go up and dance. Strictly speaking, Rap is the music, Hip-Hop is the culture, as Merlin adds.

Today is the first day of spring break in Seattle and John's daughter was here today while John was podcasting. She promised to play on the carpet and not invent any problems. At one point she was a shadow in his doorway and in an attempt to be quiet, 14 marbles went down the stairs. Now she is lurking in the doorway, playing with a stuffed rabbit. When the UPS guy comes, she is supposed to just look out the window and signal to the UPS guy to leave the package on the door step. There is a lot of action planned for spring break.

At the end of the show, Merlin is introducing the Sky Ripperz toy which he enjoys more than his daughter does.

They even banter a bit about watching too much of Johnny Carson and David Letterman on YouTube.

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