RL240 - "Wrobby Wrist"

This week, Merlin and John talk about:

The Problem "John comes correct", which means John is dressed properly in his pink leopard spot suit when he shows up at a wedding.

The show title "Wrobby Wrist" appears in the banter right at the beginning of the show. Without having a particular topic, they go back and forth about different actors and musicians and mention amongst others Scrappy Doo and Robbie Rist, an actor from the The Brady Bunch. The show title gets mentioned when they pronounce Robbie's name as Wrobby Wrist, which they agree is a good punk rock name or the name for someone you catch masturbating.

John also mentions he is not podcasting from the same spot with the same setup every week, because he is not the same person himself. Things inside die all the time and are replaced by other things, so why should he podcast the same way every time?

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