John Being a Retired Director of the CIA

Being a retired director of the CIA would be one of John's dream jobs. It probably started in Episode 50 when John talked about the best political jobs he would want to have. The story in Episode 36 where John is dreaming of leading a Shadow CIA can be related to this as well.

Sections where it is used

John as the director of the CIA (RL288)

John is not going to be president because he doesn’t like to run for office, which is a key component in ending up being the president. The tea leaves continue to say: ”Do not think about it!” In May of 2018 there was a lot of hullabaloo about the city council in Seattle being out of touch and people were sidling up to John at parties, elbowing him in the ribs, saying: ”Hey, what do you think about it?” - ”Leave me out of it!”

Particularly during the Trump Administration John felt like he was in the running for director of CIA. Trump has gone through a lot of people and John has to be on that list somewhere. He is getting closer and closer all the time! He would be so good at this job and he would bring a beard to it! He would respect the institutional culture of the place while also implementing some reforms.

The CIA has gone afield of its initial premise. It needs to get spookier, less dependent on technology, and more boots on the ground. John would like to see a lot more agents out in the field learning other languages, writing in invisible ink, cars that emit smoke screens, and license plates that flip around. You don’t need a lot of satellites! There ought to be ejector seats and there ought to be machine guns behind the headlights.

Put people out in the field! More operatives, less listening into phone-calls! Every once in a while we should buy a Lamborghini for a Saudi Prince in order to get a phone number and there should be people riding around on Scooters in Bangalore. You don’t want Waterboarding, because it doesn’t work!

What you need are informants, you need Huggy Bears whom you talk to all the time! Every once in a while someone is going to get their fingernails pulled out with pliers, but that is not to get information, but to say: ”Hey, you did the wrong thing and we need to take your fingernails!” It is cost of doing business. We should have 600 people out there with 4 or 5 passports in a safe deposit box somewhere and that is not even counting (George) Smiley, guys who just walk around in trench coats and think hard about stuff.

That is what we need! We need thinkers! We need Roy Scheiders, some of them ought to smoke a pipe, and we should be recruiting book sellers who make frequent trips to Russia. It just feels like normal stuff. The problem is that the Millennials will just have computers! They will be SnapChatting, but that is not where it is happening!

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