OM153 - Tortilla Chips

Children having a sense of justice (OM153)

John has a sister and one of them often felt slighted and it was always her. Children are obsessed with fairness and have a super-innate sense of justice. John’s little girl has justice running through her veins. It is a self-interested kind of justice and Ken’s kids are not overly worried about migrant farm workers, but if somebody got to ride in the front seat more times than the other person or if somebody’s slice of pie had more ice cream than the other person’s, it will be CNN Breaking News alert.

John’s sister being unhappy about the number of Christmas presents (OM153)

There was one particular Christmas where John’s sister was upset that there was one more present for John and their mom was so indignant that she stormed off and was gone for 30 minutes on Christmas morning. Eventually she came back down with the receipts for every present she had bought for the previous 8 years and the amount of money that she had spent on their Christmas presents over 8 years was within $20. She had the documentation right there and Susan had like $18 more worth of presents, at which point John got indignant.

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