Finding Money from a Drug Deal Gone Wrong

Originating in Episode 55, John sometimes talks about his dream of coming to a place where a drug deal had just gone wrong and everybody is dead, but the money will still be around. The idea comes from the book No Country for Old Men.

Dreaming of finding a drug deal gone wrong (RL55)

If John sees brake lights up a dark road and hears gunshots, he is not headed away, but he is headed that way through the woods because it is a scenario that has always struck him as plausible. What if they actually had the money there, it wasn't going to be a ripoff, but an overzealous young lieutenant decided he was going to circle around from behind. Somebody shoots him and, he shoots back, and everybody shoots everybody and then everybody is dead. The cars are all still idling and they are full of money and drugs. One of them is a Suburban full of gym bags full of money because they were buying a metric ton of squeak (an imaginary drug from The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) and the street value of squeak is like minting Krugerrands.

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