JG579 - Live at SF Sketchfest 2019

This show is hosted by Jesse Thorn, America's radio sweetheart and Jordan Morris (MaxFun page), boy detective.

This episode was recorded live at the SF Sketchfest 2019 and the hosts had told their listeners to bring their instruments without telling them why at first, and they had them learn a song and play it live together with John who was booked as the musical guest.

John has originally been a guitar player, but over the course of his career he was offered the opportunity / forced to learn other instruments. There are a lot of guitar players out there and if you want to stay in the business you have to pick up some other skills. John can play the guitar, bass, piano, any synthesizer, and he will go after anything that makes noise.

There was a time in Indie Rock when Arcade Fire was big and everybody was rushing to learn how to play an Alpenhorn, there were bands with 14 different musicians in them, but then they realized that if you are going to take that show on tour every one of those people needs a chicken-fried steak every day and that gets very expensive.

John did not bring any instruments to the festival. He has already done a few shows where someone else had a guitar, an ukulele or some spoons for him and he didn’t have to schlepp anything.

They announce the names of members of the audience who brought their instruments and John leaves with them to learn a song.

During the end John participated in some kind of quiz game

John chose Yellow Submarine, a Beatles song that allowed everybody to join in together and that would get Jordan and Jesse into some publishing hot water where they might owe some money to some studio.

Three of The Beatles have the names of Christian saints and one of them is named Ringo. The same is true for their audience band too, except for Justin. They have an 8-string classical guitar, a baritone saxophone, a melodica, and a beautiful black Yamaha acoustic guitar in the style of Johnny Cash.

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