Guest Appearances

John regularly appears as a guest on different podcasts. This page is an attempt to provide a complete directory. There is also a feed on Huffduffer for a more convenient listening experience.

The Merlin Show

John's appearance on The Merlin Show is also available as a whole as Episode 6 of Roderick on the Line.

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ESN Systematic

  • 2014-12-25 Special 1 "The Origin of John Roderick" with Brett Terpstra, cited as OJR
  • 2016-03-25 Episode 160 ”Supine Podcasting with John Roderick” with Brett Terpstra, cited as SPJR

Song Exploder

Others (37 episodes)

Maximum Fun (17 episodes)

Summary page: John Roderick

Roderick's Rendezvous (4 episodes)

John’s weekly show: Roderick's Rendezvous

Number of guest appearances covered by this Wiki: 61

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