GG283 - Greatest Generation - DS9 S5E9

This show is hosted by Adam Pranica and Ben Harrison (from Friendly Fire)

Adam and Ben are recording this episode Roderick-style, sitting in their respective bathtubs because they are playing The Game of Buttholes and different squares on the board are for different types of shows. Last week they landed on the ”Doing it Roderick style” square 28.

Recording an episode from the bathtub (GGDS59)

This is the most dangerous episode they have ever recorded because they are both sitting in the bathtub and have plugged in their computers and microphones. It is their Naked Now episode (S01E03 of The Next Generation). Ben has put on swim-trunks, which is the ”Don’t talk to Jonathan Frakes” of doing The Naked Now episode. He didn’t want any distractions because recording from the bathtub is distracting enough. John does not wear swim trunks when recording from the bathtub because if he could be more nude than having no clothes on, that is what he would be.

Adam was not expecting that he would be feeling very hot and he was looking forward to when the water would start to cool. Ben was not looking forward to hearing how this episode would sound. He hung a sound-blanket in the tub area of his small bathroom, but he didn't know if that helped because he is no sound engineer.

They had talked about the logistics of this a lot offline. Adam had just assumed that his wife would be at work today and when she made it clear that it was going to be a half-work-from-home day Adam held his breath until he heared that the afternoon was the time she was going to go to work, but then it turned into an ”actually, I am staying home” day about 30 minutes before they started recording. Adam had to have a very difficult conversation, maybe the most difficult conversation he has ever had, when he had to tell her why he was trying so hard to make plans for her outside of the house. He didn’t want to tell her the reason, which is not part of the traits of a trusting, loving marriage.

She asked for well-deserved answers and Adam sheepishly told her that he was embarrassed to take a bath with her in the house while doing his dorky Star Trek podcast. To her credit, because she is a better person than Adam is, she suggested to work where Adam usually works, which would allow Adam to work upstairs where she usually works from home and that way she wouldn't have to be around it and Adam could pretend she was not there. Adam got in the upstairs bathroom while she was in the studio/living space downstairs and it was like she was gone.

Adam is tubbing perpendicularly, sitting cross-legged while hanging his hands over the side. He put his mic outside of the tub for safety reasons because he was really nervous he would die if the mic were to fall in. Ben realized that the physics of where his mic is meant that if the knuckle gave way it would become a fulcrum that would put it right in the drink. He took Adam’s advice and shifted back a little bit, so it would hit the rim of the tub if it went. He had also put a heavy led weight at the bottom of his mic stand. Adam has sandbags in his production kit, but didn’t think to get any of them. One benefit of tub-time-akimbo is that more of Adam’s body is outside of the tub, which is good for temperature purposes.

Ben had put a hand towel on his mic stand to keep his hands dry because he has paper notes and likes to occasionally scrub the episode on his phone when they are talking about it. It is hard to work the touch screen with damp fingers. This episode is the most challenging episode they have ever done! It is a surprising thing to learn that in contravention of what John Roderick’s lifestyle is all about, the maybe most typifying element of his lifestyle is the most complicated way to do a podcast.

Talking to John for tons of long-term tubbing tips (GGDS59)

Adam called John on the phone and asked him for some tub tips for long-term tubbing. John has tons of long-term tubbing tips!

How do you keep from dying when you are surrounded by powered microphones and iPads and such?

The bathroom outlets of both Adam's and Ben's bathrooms have breakers built into them which means they are not at risk and hopefully the breaker will trip before they are electrocuted. Adam does not have a bath desk and is using a step stool to put a bunch of things on while Ben got his stuff on an aluminum chair and a little end-table. They have their microphones on boom arms. Adam is sitting in his tub perpendicularly to keep the mic from falling into the water and Ben has mirrored his positioning to that end.

Be super-comfortable!

The key to podcasting from the bathtub is to be super-comfortable, not to be awkward and in a position that isn’t maximum relaxation. Your equipment needs to conform to your most relaxed posture, you need to sink down in the tub first and then figure out where the mic needs to be. Adam took John’s advice and repositioned himself and his microphone.

Swim-trunks or no?

No, you are in the bath, not in a hot-tub or at a party. Ben took off his swim-trunks, for the love of all that is holy! You have to treat it like a tub!

Keep your feet out of the water!

The weak link in sitting in a bathtub for an hour are the hands and the feet. If your feet get waterlogged you start being uncomfortable and you want out of there. Keep your feet up and your hands out of the water to use your feet to control your position in the bath.

Bring some snacks!

Adam does not eat while recording the show, which is in contravention of everything John holds dear. Ben has a peanut butter sandwich just out of arm’s reach.


Good hunting! Listeners can listen to Adam and Ben talk to John all the time on their show Friendly Fire!

For next week Adam rolled a 1 and therefore the next episode is a regular one. During the end credits they pull the plug and let their bathtubs drain.

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