Finding Your Duck

This bit was coined in Episode 43 when Merlin and John were reflecting on the story about a rat running into a Wiener dog and they were discussion different dogs that have been bread by humans in a certain way, but that still have their natural instincts somewhere inside of them:

Different dogs (RL43)

Retrievers don’t seem smart, but they might just not have been called into action yet. We think of them as: ”Go, get the duck! Bring the duck back!”, but maybe over the course of 1000 years a million Retrievers keep coming down those metaphorical apartment steps, keep walking out the door and there is no metaphorical rat that activates what they are ultimately there to do: A duck has never been provided! Whatever the duck is, it is clearly not just a duck. We think of Retrievers as duck-chasers, but they were not put on this planet just to bring ducks back, they are Manchurian candidates and they are waiting!

Each one of us is waiting for our duck. Sometimes when that duck appears we are not ready for it but we are at a bookstore looking for a housewarming gift or we are on our way to meet our fiancé. Are you going to chase that rat into the bushes and down the hole and get your pink ribbons dirty? Or are you going to fight the fact that every fiber of your being says: ”Holy shit, I never knew it, but here is my duck!”

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