John not opening his college diploma (RL270)

In December of 2017, John’s daughter’s mother asked John about this envelope (Picture of the envelope) in the kitchen that maybe contained his college graduation degree. "Is this your college diploma?" - "No! Maybe! No!" She was going to open it right then and there and John had to rescue the envelope form her. Merlin got tons of feedback after the last episode, especially why he did not ask John to open the envelope on the air. The responses John got were also 92% ”Open it!” which is very unusual because controversial topics normally turn out around 50/50. This was finally an open door for people to get one foot inside and rattle John’s cage a little bit.

John’s psychiatrist, which John barely trusts, said that the only reason not to open it would be to somehow deprive himself of any feeling of accomplishments. What is he keeping it for? Saving it for a special day? That is an essentialist argument for opening an envelope! Not a single person online who wanted John to open the envelope meant him ill. The envelope is back on John's kitchen shelf unopened and he is worried that somebody might spill something on it. John is curious if the diploma is beautiful, which it probably is. While his psychiatrist told him to open it, he pointed at his own wall where he had like 7 diplomas, which was also true of John's Millennial girlfriend. Merlin gets quite riled up about doctors and other professionals having their diplomas in their offices.

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