BW230 - My emotional reservoir

This week, Dan and John talk about:

  • 2015-July: Not being able to drink coffee at any time anymore (Aging)
  • 2015-July: Traffic on the way to the office (Currents)
  • Run for office

The show title refers to John being an introvert running for office and draining his emotional reservoir during his campaign with no way to fill it back up.

It is very early for John, but he is good. Dan got a message on his phone that it might be up to 105 degrees (40 °C) today and he should avoid strenuous activities. That sounds terrible!

When scheduling this show, John introduced Dan to Tom, a person working with John’s campaign. At first Tom’s email got sucked into spam. The last time John filled in on Back to Work, it was like ”Tell me when I should be there, I’ll be there, no big deal!”, but now there was scheduling involved to make it happen. It seems like John was doing something this morning that involved driving around, it seems like this lifestyle represents a huge shift for John and it takes John some effort to adapt to this more regimented kind of a schedule.

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