Being Ready To Climb A Fence

John wants to make sure he is always ready to escape. His clothing needs to be prepared to climb a fence if that should be necessary. Also his girlfriend should preferably have that ambition and should not walk around in high heels.

Being ready to climb a fence (RL179)

John doesn’t like high heels! Find another way! What if you have to climb a fence? You never go to a fancy ball thinking that later on tonight you would have to climb a fence, but something happens, something else happens and suddenly you are being chased up an alley by Rottweilers. What are you going to do with your high heels? Clack Clack Clack? Too bad, you are Rottweiler food! What if you are chased by Rottweilers across a drawbridge? The Rottweilers are not going to be happy on the drawbridge either, but they are also not going to wear high heels. They are not even going to cross the drawbridge, because your high heels will get stuck one foot on the drawbridge. A lot of drawbridges have a grading and you are not going to get across there in a fucking set of high heels!

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