The Story of John Roderick

This wiki is a structured compilation of all the fascinating stories and random bits and pieces that John Roderick talks about on his podcasts. It is an unofficial fan site that is in no way affiliated with John himself or any of his co-hosts.

The primary goal is to make John's shows more accessible to new listeners because there are no official show notes and tables of contents, which makes stories hard to find and references hard to follow. The content on this website is organized by topic with a table of contents for each episode, which makes it much easier to read up on a certain topic or to follow one of the stories as a whole that was originally narrated over multiple episodes. References between episodes are provided to the best of my ability to make it easy to get the big picture.

Building this website is a major effort carried out by a single person, started on March 16th of 2017. Following current episodes as well as adding the back catalog took exactly 5 years of calendar time and approximately 3500 hours of work that reached its first major milestone on March 16th of 2022 with the addition of the last remaining old episode of Roderick on the Line.

The task of creating this wiki is still not yet completely done, however, and some episodes might still be in draft status where they don't have external links included and are not yet divided into topics, but at least the content is searchable. After a security breach of Wikidot in May of 2022, the built-in search function of this wiki service is gone, but you can still search the website using Google or you can download the source code (see below).

I am not looking for contributions, but feel free to contact the ten.gnilmeor|nehcoj#renwo etisbew for feedback about the usefulness of this site or about factual mistakes and missing references.

In Episode 110 of Roadwork, Dan and John talk about this website. See their discussion together with my commentary here.

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John's regular podcasts

* Roderick on the Line - Official website: Roderick on the Line, cited as RLxxx
* The Omnibus - Official website: Omnibus Project, cited as OMxxx

No longer active:
* Road Work - Official website: Road Work, cited as RWxxx
* Friendly Fire - Official website: Friendly Fire, cited as FFxx

Other resources

* Patreon-only shows - Official website: John's Patreon, various shows cited as RRxxx, RZxxx and RPxxx
* Guest appearances on other podcasts
* Articles by John or about John in various online-publications
* Roderick on the Line Listening Guide by Brett Chalupa
* This is a good one by Ed Cormany
* All song references from Roderick on the Line, a Spotify playlist by Skip Recap

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Thanks to Jade Gordon for the custom portrait of John used as the site logo!

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Up-to-date episode notes can be found in this GIT repository. It contains episodes that are currently being edited before they are entered into the Wiki, the language is not cleaned up, and stories are not untangled, so it might be hard to read. This repository is not intended for general consumption, but only for either very specific research that requires access to the latest episodes, for curiosity reasons, and for transparency.

The complete source code for this wiki in Wikidot-syntax can be found in this GIT repository. It is made publicly available because the search function of the Wikidot platform is no longer available and by downloading the complete source it is possible to perform a search locally with any tool of choice. Another way of searching is using Google and add the "site:" qualifier, like in this example. A migration to another Wiki platform is planned, but not highly prioritized.

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